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Organise Your Fridge

Organise Your Fridge This Spring at Kitchen Warehouse

Spring is the perfect time for a kitchen refresh and what better place to start than with a fridge organisation? Kitchen Warehouse at Homemaker Fortitude Valley is the perfect place to begin your journey when planning and sourcing your products for a fridge makeover. Not only does having an organised fridge look beautiful, but it allows for a more functional and systemised approach to mealtimes and planning around a busy family life. Today we are sharing our step-by-step process and suggestions on the exact products you need to create a more functional and organised fridge.


Take Inventory & Assess

The first step we recommend when planning a fridge organisation is to take inventory of all the items you currently store and throw out any expired products. This allows you to see what items you are working with and asses what the best storage solutions will be. Once you have a list of your most commonly used items and the products you would like to store, we suggest wiping out the interior of your fridge and completing a freezer defrost to ensure you are starting with a clean and refreshed slate. During this process it is essential to take measurements of the height, width, and depth of your fridge shelving and storage compartments to ensure any products purchased will fit perfectly. Now comes the fun part of shopping for your fridge organisation essentials!


Drawer Organisers

Drawer organisers are the shining star when it comes to organising your fridge as they allow you to categorise and separate your items into like-minded goods. We love the Kitchen Pro clear drawer organiser from Kitchen Warehouse which comes in a variety of sizes to suit your fridge requirements. Simply line a few of these side by side on a shelf to separate and categorise your food accordingly. Drawer organisers are perfect for storing items such as cheese, meats, yogurt pouches and condiments.


Glass Containers

Provincial Home Living and Howard’s Storage at Homemaker Fortitude Valley are great destinations for home organisation, and we recommend heading in to check out their great range of storage containers. Glass containers are perfect for storing items such as leftovers, cut-up vegetables, salads and more to ensure they stay fresh for longer. We love the Lock and Lock rectangular containers from Howard’s as they are perfect for stacking and are a great space-saving solution. The Parson range of glass containers at Provincial Home Living is another great storage solution as they come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Glass containers are a great fridge organisation tool as they are not only practical, but they are easy to clean and keep your food safe and fresh.



Turntables are another great storage solution to utilise when organising your fridge this Spring. We suggest selecting a clear turntable to match with the drawer organisers like the Kitchen Pro turntable from Kitchen Warehouse. We suggest having one turntable dedicated to spreads and breakfast items and another for condiments and sauces. Turntables allow for easy access and are a functional solution for categorising your everyday products.



Once you have purchased all your storage solutions, categorised your food into like-minded items and organised accordingly, the last step is to label. To ensure your food items are placed back in their correct home and to make unloading the grocery shopping a breeze, labelling is an essential step. We suggest using black or white sticker labels and placing them on the front of the drawer organisers with categories such as ‘snacks’, ‘meat’, ‘cheese’ etc. This encourages the entire family to participate in putting items back where they came from and maintaining an organised kitchen and fridge.

Having an organised fridge allows for a streamlined and more functional process when preparing meals for the family and unloading groceries at the end of a busy day. So next time you’re in Fortitude Valley be sure to head into the centre to discover all your home organisation needs. If you’d like an extra helping hand in selecting the perfect kitchen organisation products, then book in for your free styling session with our resident stylist. We look forward to seeing you at the centre soon!