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Harvest home: how to achieve an Australian farmhouse

As the air takes on a crisp edge and autumn hits, there’s something inviting about the idea of nestling into a space styled with a modern farmhouse aesthetic – it’s homely, cosy, and above all else, comfortable (all of which are exactly what one needs during the autumn months).

At its core, the farmhouse style is all about celebrating the beauty of imperfection. Reclaimed wood, industrial fixtures, and vintage-inspired décor come together to create a space that feels lived in and loved. While the term farmhouse might make you think of rolling fields and rustic barns, you don’t actually need to live anywhere near a farm to pull off the trend. With a few key elements, a keen eye for detail, and a trip to Homemaker The Valley, you can transform any space into a harvest home.


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Defining farmhouse style

Before hitting the store it’s important to understand exactly what modern farmhouse style is so that you can easily identify pieces that will work for you.

Farmhouse style is refreshingly uncomplicated with a homespun charm that instantly puts you at ease. Décor pieces are to be chosen carefully, with a nod to history and antiques. Think barn-style furnishings such as wooden chairs combined with industrial-inspired fixtures like lights, trims, and handles. The beauty of farmhouse style lies in balance, so be sure not to go overboard and remember to keep a minimal approach.

Key elements for the Australian farmhouse

If you’re on the hunt for some key furniture pieces to suit this trend, be sure to select items for their durability and comfort. Practicality is key – comfortable seating and ample storage solutions will make everyday living a breeze. Whereas for décor, less is often more. We recommend keeping patterns simple and understated, opting for some open shelving that displays natural elements like dried flowers, woven baskets, and pottery.

Colour palette: a nod to nature

The farmhouse style tends to favour natural hues inspired by the great outdoors. While white and black are always popular choices, there’s plenty of room to explore shades of brown, deep greens, and soft beige. You can showcase many of these colours through furniture made from natural materials like timber and stone. 

Now that you know the basics of modern farmhouse style, it’s time to transform your space! Be sure to head in centre to discover an array of furnishings and décor that can help you bring this trend to life. 

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Little wonders: how to prepare a nursery

Expecting parents have a lot to consider when waiting for a baby to arrive. There are hospital bags to pack, car seats to install, baby showers to plan, and diapers to buy – and that’s all before there’s a tiny human to raise!

However, one of the most exciting tasks to ponder before your newborn arrives has got to be the baby nursery decor; the design, theme, and purchasing all the essentials. 

The nursery is about to be a place where you’ll spend many hours of your time for feeding, changing, or putting your little one to sleep (or should we say attempting to). So, you’ll want to invest some much-needed time, effort, and funds into ensuring your nursery is decked out exactly how it should be. 

We want you to have one less thing to worry about when your newborn arrives, so we’ve compiled everything you need to know into one place. Read on to learn all about navigating your new nursery.

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The design

There are four main factors to consider when designing your nursery – the placement of the cot, glider, changing table, and storage drawers. 

The cot should be positioned first and should be placed away from any windows or doors to limit temperature changes, air drafts, and light exposure. Next up, place your glider (aka feeding chair) into a corner nook, ensuring it has enough space around it to rock. Once the cot and chair are placed, slot the drawers and changing table in the leftover space. 

Tip: For those who are working with a smaller space, we recommend using your chest of drawers as a changing table as well. 

Now that all the key pieces are appropriately placed, it’s time to sort out the lighting. Having a dark room will promote the release of melatonin (the hormone that helps us to both fall asleep and stay asleep). So, be sure to purchase block-out blinds as these will keep the room dark for both nap time and night time. You’ll also want to limit any artificial light such as baby monitors – place these away from the cot so that the light isn’t in the baby’s line of sight when they’re in the cot. 

The décor

Now onto the fun part – the décor! Before getting carried away with an elaborate theme, it’s important to keep in mind the top priority of a nursery and that’s for it to be conducive to sleep. You’ll want your newborn to be exposed to as little stimulation as possible, so avoid using too many decorative pieces that can distract them. Refrain from placing toys or hanging mobiles in and above the cot, in fact, we recommend no toys in the cot until four months of age, which also happens to be the optimal time to introduce a comforter. 

This doesn’t mean you can’t have a super stylish nursery – you can still stick to a colour palette so the room is cohesive with the rest of your home. Start with a neutral base for the furniture and then add accent lighting, wallpaper, artwork, rugs, and more. Even if tastes change, your accent pieces can easily be swapped out while keeping large investment pieces the same. 

Tip: incorporate thick pile rugs and drapes throughout the room to help absorb outside noise. 

The essentials

Lastly, it’s time to ensure you have all the essentials for a functional nursery. First up, it’s important to baby-proof the room – secure blinds and electrical cords, keep any medicines out of reach, and set up a baby monitor. 

Next, purchase a white noise machine (this will help silence your baby’s built-in alarm clock by drowning out all outside noises during vulnerable phases of light sleep), a swaddle (to make your baby feel safe and comforted), a dim nightlight (to help navigate night time feeding), and of course, nappies, bedding, toys, and clothes. 

There you have it! We hope this helps you prepare accordingly for your newborn. Be sure to download our first-time parent nursery checklist here to better prepare you for the arrival of your little one.

Twilight entertaining: how to revamp your outdoor area for autumn

It’s no secret Aussies love the great outdoors. Whether it’s soaking up the fresh air or lounging around under the sun, there’s a special kind of joy that comes with outdoor living. Luckily, we’re blessed with fantastic weather for most of the year and as autumn settles in, now is the perfect time to update your outdoor entertaining area with a cosy touch. But how can you achieve this? Keep reading for a detailed guide on creating a warm and inviting twilight entertaining experience. 

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Step one: set the scene with lighting

Autumn evenings call for gentle illumination that adds warmth and ambience to your outdoor space. String lights, lanterns, and candles are perfect for achieving this type of cosy atmosphere. Consider hanging fairy lights across trees or pergolas, placing lanterns along pathways, and scattering candles on tables for an inviting glow your guests will love. 

Step two: create comfortable seating areas

Invest in comfortable outdoor furniture that encourages comfort and relaxation. Opt for plush cushions, throws, and blankets in autumnal hues like burnt orange, deep red, and earthy browns to add warmth and style to your seating areas. Arrange chairs and sofas around the firepit to create a focal point that will entice guests to gather and linger.

Step three: cosy up with a firepit

A firepit is the quintessential autumn accessory! Choose a firepit that complements your outdoor décor and will enhance the overall aesthetic of your space. Whether you prefer a sleek modern design or a rustic, traditional look, a well-placed firepit will undoubtedly become the heart of your outdoor entertaining area.

Step four: serve up seasonal treats

No outdoor gathering is complete without delicious food and drinks to enjoy. Incorporate the flavours of autumn by serving hearty soups, roasted vegetables, and decadent desserts like apple pie. Pair these seasonal treats with mulled wine, spiced cider, or hot chocolate for a cosy experience that warms both the body and soul.

By following these tips and ideas, you can easily create a cosy outdoor entertaining area that embraces the beauty of an Australian autumn. With the addition of pieces from Homemaker The Valley, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy memorable evenings under the open sky.

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space saving furniture

Our Round-up of The 5 Best Space Saving Furniture Options For Small Apartment Living in The Valley

Here at Homemaker The Valley we know that space saving furniture is essential when living in the inner city. With apartment buildings popping up in and around Fortitude Valley in the blink of an eye, we are finding more and more people looking for smart furniture solutions for their compact living spaces. With open plan living spaces growing smaller and smaller and multi-purpose zones becoming the norm, clever furniture design and placement needs to be considered when designing a home. Our amazing retailers offer an array of furniture options to suit every size, style and budget. Today we will be sharing with you our favourite space saving furniture pieces that are essential for inner-city living.

Extendable Dining Table

If you have a small dining space but love to host regular dinners with the entire family or have all the friends around for lunch, then you need to invest in an extendable dining table. These smart, space saving dining table designs allow you to have the joy of hosting all your loved ones on special occasions and the simplicity of a standard sized table during day-to-day life. With an easy lift of a few panels, the dining table extends from a standard 4-6 seater to as large as an 8-10 seater. Check out stores such as Freedom, Nick Scali and Domayne for some beautiful extendable dining tables in your favourite interior design style. We especially love the Kalbarri round extension dining table from Domayne that goes from a compact circle to large oval size.

Under Bed Storage

When selecting space saving furniture for your home you can’t go passed a bed with under bed storage. Whether you prefer a gas lift style or drawers under your bed, retailers such as Forty Winks and Domayne have a range of options at various price points. Under the bed is the perfect place to store seasonal items like winter coats, accessories, swimwear and beach towels. It can also be a great location to store bedlinen if your apartment or home is lacking a laundry or linen cupboard. You do not need to compromise on look when opting for an under-bed storage solution as you can choose a style, material and colour to suit your specific interior design style.

Multi-purpose Furniture

As our homes become smaller and we prioritise location and lifestyle over size, we must make smart decisions when it comes to space saving furniture to maximise the feel of our rooms. When selecting each piece for your home, make sure and consider its storage capacity as well as the appearance. For example, when choosing bedside tables, opt for a style that has large drawers and a cupboard instead of a single drawer or stool style. The same principal can be applied when purchasing items like console tables, coffee tables, entertainment units and buffets.

Storage Ottomans

Storage ottomans are another great space saving furniture solution as they can be multi- purpose and serve a multitude of needs. We suggest using a storage ottoman instead of a coffee table in the living room as it allows you to store seasonal blankets and cushions within. Simply add a tray with some coasters and a few home décor pieces for a styled look. Ottomans can also be used as footrests when a living room is too small for a chaise or corner lounge and create another seating option when guests visit.

Tall Bookcases

A common mistake when decorating a small home is to not make use of walls and the height of the ceiling. There is prime storage real estate on walls that can be maximised through furniture and décor pieces like floating shelves and bookcases. We love using tall bookcases in areas such as the living room, dining room and study to store a variety of items. To avoid a cluttered look, we suggest choosing a bookcase that has cupboards as well as shelves to ensure some items can be hidden away out of plain site. We love this beautiful white hutch style bookcase from Provincial Home Living that allows for plenty of storage.

summer outdoor furniture trends

Top four summer entertaining trends

Summer has finally arrived and with the change of season comes a new appreciation for our outdoor spaces! There’s no denying that the weather is close to perfect and we think that calls for a celebration of our hard-working front yards, backyards, patios, and other open-air spaces (you know, the spots that are dedicated to entertaining).

With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that outdoor trends are starting to rival the number of indoor trends! Keen to know more about the latest craze in the interior space (or should we say exterior space)? Below we’ve gathered some of the top outdoor entertaining trends.

Front yard focus

Enhancing front yard areas is becoming more popular than ever before and rightfully so. This space is so often forgotten about, yet it’s the very first area your guests will see upon arrival. We’re seeing front yard makeovers everywhere and they’re certainly upping the curb appeal of houses as a whole.

So, what are some key elements to incorporate in an on-trend front yard? For starters, manicured lawn is a must (no explanation needed). You’ll also want to think about symmetry –frame your front door with potted plants or incorporate symmetry into your landscaping. Rid the space of unwanted weeds and dirt (yes, time to pull out the weed killer and pressure cleaner). Lastly, if you have the space, consider adding a seating area. This could be a singular floating chaise or a pair of outdoor armchairs.

Tuscan design elements

Dreaming of summertime in Tuscany? Why not create the same feel at home? Tuscan-style décor is in with its warm colours, natural elements, and a touch of rustic charm. This trend is all-encompassing, so to successfully pull it off, Tuscan additions are required to all areas of your outdoor space. Invest in wall hangings, ceramics, sculptures, terracotta pottery, and wrought iron furniture. Plant a variety of traditional plants like rosemary, olive trees, and lavender, and lastly consider an overall colour scheme – stick to olive greens, deep oranges, and even maroon.

Outdoor rooms

Much like the concept of open floor plan living, we’re seeing a trend develop where larger outdoor spaces are being divided into distinct areas or “rooms.” This includes outdoor kitchens, the use of pergolas, and contemporary poolside styling. Backyards now house multiple sections for seating, dining, and relaxation, rather than a single focal point.

Tip: if you’re struggling to create a divide between sections, look to the earth! Break up the areas by changing the flooring or ground texture. We recommend the use of gravel, tiles, and fresh grass.

Bold colours

Go bold with colours and say goodbye to muted hues with bright tablescapes, outdoor rugs, cushions, and statement furnishings. Minimalism is out and maximalism is officially back in!

We’re expecting to see splashes of colour everywhere this summer (indoors and out). Naturally, the Pantone colour of the year, Viva Magenta, continues to be a beloved shade this year. But hues of yellow and orange are also at the top of interior designers’ lists.

Keen to discover more summer trends? Read our Summer Trend Report online now and follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with retailer offers, professional decorating advice, and more interior inspiration.

provincial home living outdoor decor

How to master alfresco dining this summer

Nothing beats the classic Australian backyard family BBQ. The sun is shining, the sausages are sizzling, and the tongs are at the ready. Whether it’s a weekend ritual or a special celebration, there’s nothing quite like spending time outside during the summertime. This year, we think it’s about time to skip the restaurants and create a stunning alfresco scene in your own backyard instead. Here’s your ultimate guide to alfresco dining.

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1. Invest in staple pieces

When it comes to outdoor dining and entertaining, it’s important to invest in the big pieces – we’re talking about your dining table, chairs, barbecues, and additional lighting features. These items should be strong enough to withstand the great Australian outdoors (even if they’re under the protection of a patio ceiling). We recommend opting for timber, oak, or steel tables and likewise for chairs. If your dining chairs have plush cushions, ensure they are removable so they can be brought inside during those pesky summer storms. It’s also a good idea to keep these larger pieces cohesive – opt for outdoor dining sets where the sofa, table, and chairs all match.

2. Quality over quantity

Out with the old, in with the new! It’s time to update your dining essentials this summer – we’re talking about cutlery, luxe glasses, and a set of simple ceramic plates. Having good quality dining essentials will make all the difference when entertaining – after all, no one likes paper plates or plastic cups. The best part? These items are going to last for seasons to come so there’s no need to replace them anytime soon!

3. Decorative accents

Now that you’ve got staple furnishings and necessary tableware, the rest is all about showcasing your personal taste and style. Stock up on outdoor cushions, vases, plants, and even sun lounges that match your aesthetic. We’re loving the coastal style this summer (read all about it in our Summer Trend Report ).

4. Change up your tablescape

You’re likely to have more than one outdoor dining experience this summer, right? So why not have a few different tablescape options to choose from? Be sure to keep your cutlery and glassware the same but change up your tablecloth, table runner, placemats, and centrepiece. By doing so, you can easily create a completely different feel.

We recommend having one minimal tablescape – this could be a white tablecloth, neutral table runner and placemats, and pillar candles. Another easily achievable tablescape theme is modern retro – create this aesthetic through burnt orange, yellow, and dark green hues.

Tip: mix and match across tablescape themes to create a whole new feel.

It’s officially time to embrace summer with an alfresco dining experience! Remember to play with an array of colours and patterns to suit the ambience of your outdoor dining area and most importantly have fun and soak up the good vibes with your friends and family.

kitchen decor

The Best Homeware Stores in Brisbane for High Quality Pieces

Selecting the right pieces to decorate your home can be tricky, but today we are sharing our picks for the best homewares stores in Brisbane to help you on your styling journey. Whether you are searching for the perfect cushion for the living room or a beautiful lamp to make a statement in your entryway, we’ve got you covered. Here at Homemaker The Valley we know that your home should be reflective of your lifestyle, personal style and values and we believe that you can achieve this through decorating with beautiful homeware items. Homewares include items such as vases, decor, soft furnishings, mirrors, artwork and rugs. High quality pieces at affordable prices are found in an array of our retailers and today we are sharing with you some of our top picks for stores to get you started.

Provincial Home Living

Provincial Home Living specialise in classic homeware pieces that will create a timeless look in any room of your home. When looking for the perfect homeware store in Brisbane you can’t go past this beautiful space for all the inspiration you need. From beautiful table centrepieces, an array of candlestick holders and gorgeous ceramics that will pair perfectly with a Queensland home, you can’t go past PHL. We love their beautiful urns as a statement piece on your kitchen island bench or the centre of a dining table. Be sure to head in store for all the home decor inspiration you need to decorate any area of your home.

Nick Scali

You may know Nick Scali as one of the go-to furniture stores in Brisbane for items like sofas and dining tables, but do you know they offer a range of other products as well? To finish off your space and match perfectly with your furniture pieces, Nick Scali offer a range of rugs and mirrors too. They have a selection of beautiful rugs in large sizes that are timeless and classic to suit any design style. Their range of mirrors are perfect for entryway styling or we suggest adding a floor length mirror to your bedroom to finish off the space.


Adairs is one of our favourite retailers for on trend home decor pieces and beautiful bed linen. With fresh new ranges in store weekly, you are destined to find the perfect homeware piece you have been looking for. Not only does Adairs specialise in ben linen and are proud ‘linen lovers’, they also have a huge range of decorative accents, artwork, rugs and furniture too! We love that they are embracing the colour trend this season and showcasing homewares such as vases, bookends and dinnerware in gorgeous shades of yellow, purple and blue. We suggest refreshing your bathroom and injecting some colour and pattern with their high quality towel range. Our favourite is the Taylor multi check towel in French blue.


When searching for homewares stores in Brisbane you can’t go past everyone’s favourite, Freedom. Not only are they known for their beautiful furniture pieces and comfortable sofas, but their homewares are always ahead of the trends and can suit any interior design style. We love heading into Freedom for their amazing range of floor lamps, table lamps and pendant lights to brighten up any space. We also love their great range of cushions and home decor pieces in seasonal colours that make layering and styling a breeze.


Domayne is one of the leading furniture stores in Brisbane and specialise in high quality, Australian made pieces. With classic designs in a variety of interior design styles from Hamptons, Traditional, Contemporary or Coastal, they’ve got a piece to suit every need. Not only do they produce beautiful furniture, but they have an amazing range of homewares too. We love their beautiful range of cushions in luxurious fabrics for indoors and outdoors. Domayne also has a gorgeous range of oversized table lamps that will be sure to make a statement in your entryway, bedsides or living room. Be sure to head into Domayne next time you are browsing at Homemaker The Valley.

TK Maxx

If you are after seasonal, affordable and fun home decor pieces that are on trend and of the moment, then look no further than TK Maxx. With new ranges entering the store weekly, we love heading in to check out what’s new and find a one-off gem that we can style in our home. TK Maxx have perfected seasonal home decor and you’ll often find candles, cushions and throw blankets for every occasion such as Halloween, Autumn, Christmas or Easter. Head into TK Maxx next time you are at the centre to pick yourself up a unique home decor piece or gift for a loved one.

Here at Homemaker The Valley we pride ourselves on having the best homewares stores in Brisbane. Whether you are after the latest trending piece or a timeless home decor accent for your home, our retailers have got you covered. We can’t wait to see you at the centre soon to help refresh and restyle your home.

The Dad Deals: Your Father’s Day Gift Guide

Not quite sure what to get that hard-to-buy-for man in your life when September 3rd rolls around? Here at Homemaker The Valley, we’ve taken the stress out of gift-giving once and for all with our completely customised Dad Deals – all bundled up and ready for purchase! Below are the ultimate gift bundles for every dad in your life – the home chef, fitness guru, DIY-er and everyone in between. All you have to do is screenshot the bundle that best suits your dad and head in centre to purchase.

Cooking Dad

Products: Adairs Essential Check Tea Towels $19.99, Freedom Arden Paddle Board $69.95, Kitchen Warehouse Ooni Koda 12 Gas Powered Pizza Oven $649.

Dads who know their way around the kitchen are simply the best. Why? Because nothing beats a delicious home-cooked meal! This year we think the cooking dad deserves a little extra love when Father’s Day hits, a means of saying thank you for all those meals. And what could be a more fitting gesture to express gratitude than gifting more items to cook with? We’re loving the Ooni Koda Pizza Oven from Kitchen Warehouse bundled with a round pizza board from Freedom, and some essential tea towels from Adairs. The perfect gift for the perfect home chef!


Products: Frame Today Camel Square 300×300 mm Picture Frame $99, Freedom Grevillea Pot $24.95, Howards Storage World IS Gift The Auto Collection 24 Piece Tool Set $29.95.

What to get the dad who is constantly fixing things around the house or undertaking DIY projects every second weekend? More things to create and build with, of course! The DIY-er is bound to love a brand new 24-piece tool set from Howards Storage World to add to his (probably already very large) tool collection. Another great idea is to undertake a project together like painting a pot plant. We’re also loving photo walls at the moment so why not pick up a few frames from Frame Today to get started? The secret is to utilise a variety of different shapes and sizes. Be sure to customise the frames with meaningful family photos. The best part? Dad can use his new toolset to hang them up!

Fitness Dad

Products: Domayne Sennheiser Sport True Wireless Earbuds $199, Harvey Norman Fitbit Charge 5 Fitness Tracker $269, Kitchen Warehouse BlendJet Portable Blender $76.95.

Fathers who are always maintaining an active lifestyle will love a fit-focused gift – and we’re not talking about more gym clothes or fresh sneakers. This year, consider something a bit more unconventional, like a portable blender from Kitchen Warehouse (ideal for his morning smoothies!). Bundle the blender with a fitness gadget like a Fitbit from Harvey Norman or sport headphones from Domayne and complete the ensemble with a gym membership to Goodlife Health Club. This bundle will make his day!

Homebody Dad

Products: Adairs Pure Silk Pillowcase $89.99, Sheridan Outlet Ultra-Light Bathrobe $90, Snooze Microfibre Double Mattress Topper $188.

Dads deserve a little TLC too! After all, robes and silk pillowcases weren’t exclusively designed for mothers. So, if your dad relishes in a leisurely Sunday morning lounging in bed, perusing the newspaper, or binge-watching Netflix then he likely values the cosiness of his bed and the luxury of quality home attire. Sheridan Outlet’s Ultra Light Bathrobe is sure to impress the homebody dad as well as a pure silk pillowcase from Adairs. Complete the bundle with a mattress topper from Snooze (the secret behind those Pinterest-worthy cloud-like beds).

Organised Dad

Products: Freedom Beck Coat Hook $79.95, Howards Storage World High Road StashAway Hanging Car Bin $34.95, Howards Storage World Tooletries The Harvey & Oliver Shower Set $55.95.

The father with a knack for organisation is the one constantly reminding you to tidy your room, unload the dishwasher, or take care of your laundry – sound familiar? If so, then this bundle is tailor-made for him! The organised dad will appreciate any clever home enhancements, the sort that, after having for just a few weeks, you can’t fathom how you managed without. A car bin or hanging shower set will bring a grin to his face come Father’s Day or for a more subtle approach, opt for a stylish coat hook from Freedom (a remedy for cluttered entryways!).

We know it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for Dad year after year when Father’s Day draws near, but if you’re aiming to astonish him this year then these bundles are sure to hit the mark. Happy Father’s Day!

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modern farmhouse interior

Recreate the Modern Farmhouse Interior Trend

The biggest trend we are seeing coming through in interiors at the moment is the modern farmhouse interior design style. This is a trend that incorporates a touch of country charm, with minimalist open spaces and industrial elements for an overall modern, yet homely aesthetic. The modern farmhouse interior trend has a very particular colour palette and a few key design elements you’ll need to incorporate to really nail the style in your own home. As this is a classic aesthetic that’s evolved over time, we’re certain this trend will continue to be popular for years to come. So, if you’re keen to adopt the modern farmhouse interior trend into your own home, read on for our tips on where to find the best pieces to incorporate into your space here at Homemaker The Valley!

Utilise structural staples

There are a few key design elements you’ll need to adopt to master the modern farmhouse style that draw inspiration from country, farmhouse, and industrial style homes. This design style has a very neutral colour palette, which means interest must be created using various structural pieces, textures, and finishes. Horizontal wall cladding painted in a white or off-white colour will automatically elevate each room whilst maintaining a clean and minimal modern farmhouse aesthetic. If your house is structurally able, we recommend adding exposed timber beams or creating faux timber beams on the ceiling for the ultimate farmhouse vibe. Subway tiling, open shelving, warm timber floors, and shaker-style cabinetry are also a must for the modern farmhouse trend and can be picked up from retailers like Early Settler and Provincial Home Living.

Choose a classic colour palette

The modern farmhouse interior design style sticks to a rustic colour palette, with pops of subtle, washed-out colours to offset the minimal look. Wall paint, cabinetry, benchtops, and tiling should be monochromatic or neutral in tone, using colours such as white, cream, charcoal or black. Modern farmhouse interiors often utilise bright white walls, warm timber floors and striking black accents through lighting fixtures, window frames and hardware. We recommend choosing large furniture items in colours such as cream or white, and pairing them with accent pieces in tan or charcoal. Subtle pops of colour can be added in shades of sage green, pale blue or washed-out mustard to also bring more life into the space, and you can find some great pieces that fall into this category at Freedom and Domayne here at Homemaker The Valley!

Play with texture

When designing a modern farmhouse home with a neutral colour palette, it is essential to include a variety of textures to create interest within the space. Rustic timbers are a great way to add visual interest in both furniture and built in cabinetry. Here at Homemaker The Valley, we have a variety of stores where you can pick up some gorgeous timber furniture pieces such as Provincial Home Living, Early Settler and Freedom, just to name a few. Another key design element of the modern farmhouse style is incorporating tan leather pieces into your space like occasional chairs, ottomans or bar stools for a laid back, casual vibe. You can also create visual interest through soft furnishings in a variety of neutral colours by choosing fabrics such as natural linens and chunky wool. Check out Adairs and the Sheridan Factory Outlet for some amazing decorative cushions, blankets and throw options in these eye-catching textures.

modern farmhouse interior


modern farmhouse interior


Embrace rustic décor

The modern farmhouse style often includes open shelving, which provides you with ample space to style your favourite rustic décor pieces that don’t just align with your new chosen aesthetic, but also reflect your unique personality. So, when you’re shopping for modern farmhouse décor, try looking for things like rustic jars, pots, beautiful hand-crafted ceramics, and antique books that don’t just look amazing, but also help showcase what you personally love — grab books about your favourite topics and fill your jars with treats you can’t get enough of! Pop into Provincial Home Living and Oz Design for some amazing modern farmhouse décor pieces to spruce up your home. We also recommend using large vases to house sprawling foliage and branches to create a bespoke centrepiece for your kitchen island, console table or dining table. You can use foliage from your own garden or pop into Freedom or Adairs here at Homemaker The Valley for some faux stems that will last a lifetime!

Find fabulous furniture

Say goodbye to sleek, small furniture and embrace comfortable and classic modern farmhouse furniture! Think large, plump sofas, comfortable occasional chairs, oversized coffee tables and rustic console tables with traditional turned legs. Stores such as James Lane have some amazing sofa options that are perfect for the modern farmhouse trend and we also recommend popping into Provincial Home Living to browse an array of furniture pieces such as dining tables, console tables, and display cabinets that will work perfectly with this design style. If you choose furniture that aligns with the classic colour palette we mentioned earlier or utilises some eye-catching textures, you’ll be well on your way to creating a modern farmhouse style home every visitor will be wowed by!

Some interior design trends really do stand the test of time and the modern farmhouse interior style is definitely one of those enduring trends. Here at Homemaker The Valley, we’re big fans of the rustic look, so come and visit our friendly retailers and see how they can help you transform your home into an exciting, yet relaxing modern farmhouse.

neutral colours for home

The Best Neutral Colours For Home Styling

If you thought you had to go bold with your interior colour scheme to make a statement, think again! Paring back your colour palette to a nice blend of neutral colours for home decor and textures will help you create a space that is anything but boring. Bright trends may come and go, but neutral is forever. So, to help you refresh your home, we’ve prepared a list of ways you can incorporate neutral tones into your space for a timeless interior aesthetic.

A balanced bedroom

The bedroom is the ideal place to explore a more restrained colour combo. Natural materials like wood and wool add a warmth to the space that will lend itself to a good night sleep. A whitewashed country style bed from Snooze would work perfectly alongside some crisp white bedding and a mountain of throw cushions from Adairs. Frame your bed with a wool shag rug for an elegant finish or a jute rug for something a little more relaxed.

Wonderful walls

When it comes to wall colours, anything goes! From grey and white to beige or slate, this neutral home colour palette will complement any and all décor. Layer different hues of the same colour, like a darker toned grey feature wall and a lighter version of the same colour on the other walls in your home, for a sophisticated finish. Once you’ve layered your colours, decorate your gallery wall with wall art in tonal frames from Frame Today to really make your new feature wall eye-catching.

Divine decor

When it comes to styling your home, neutral colour home décor always works. Use woven baskets for storage or bring that basket style into your lighting choices with dome basket pendants. Freedom has an amazing selection of woven lighting and décor pieces that add a light touch of texture to every neutral-coloured home. Plants really get the chance to pop when placed in a neutral space as well, so put a few in the corners of your space, but make sure to grab a few neutral plant pots from TK Maxx or Adairs to really keep your aesthetic consistent.

neutral colours for home


neutral colours for home


Functional furniture

Regardless of whether you have a tiny, combined living space or multiple rooms to spread out in, a neutral home colour palette will work wonders for the flow for your home. Danish mid-century-inspired furniture works well with this palette, but for something a little different, why not try pieces with an eclectic Californian influence? Think cacti, tan leather, lots of layers and one-of-a-kind vintage finds. It’s a look that is inviting and relaxing without trying too hard and Nick Scali’s selection of tan leather furniture would be the perfect way to inject a bit of California cool into your neutral home.

If you’re wanting to elevate your space and make it look luxe without too much effort, then opting for neutral colours for home styling is definitely the best way to go. You’ll be able to make each room look incredibly elegant with a reasonable price tag and the best part? You’ll be able to find all of your key neutral pieces right here at Homemaker The Valley! So, come down and visit our retailers to start bringing more neutral tones into your home.