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5 Tips To Elevate & Restyle Your Bedroom

Is your bedroom looking bland, uninspiring and in need of a refresh? Have you had the same furniture for years and are finding that it is starting to look a little lifeless? Then today’s blogpost is the perfect one for you! Today we are discussing some simple and easy ways you can inject life back into your bedroom and create a more elevated and styled space. We have so many great examples of furniture, homewares and soft furnishings bedroom displays at our beautiful retailers here at Homemaker The Valley, so be sure to head in store soon!

Tip 1 – Upgrade your bed linen

When was the last time you treated yourself to some fresh new sheets? Or splurged on a fluffy new pillow and doona insert? We spend so much of our lives sleeping that it is important to invest in this area to make it comfortable, relaxing, and luxurious for you. When selecting some new sheets be sure to opt for a higher thread count as this ensures the linen is of a superior quality, feels softer and should last you a long time. Check out stores such as the Sheridan Outlet and Adairs for some beautiful and luxurious bedding options. Play it safe and choose a neutral colour scheme of white, black and grey for a ‘hotel at home’ feel or go for this season’s most popular tones of terracotta, blush pink or sage green for an injection of colour!


Tip 2 – Declutter & Sort Your Bedside Tables

Bedside tables are one of the main zones in the home that accumulate and attract clutter. Whether it be books, technology accessories, candles, notepads, water bottles, receipts, or anything else you like to store on top of or inside your bedside table, they become messy quickly! We always recommend choosing a bedside table that has built-in storage with either drawers or a cupboard to allow you to store items within and not on top. We suggest decluttering and sorting through the drawers each season to ensure no clutter accumulates over time. If you are after a beautiful new set of bedside tables, Freedom and Oz Design Furniture have some great options to suit any design style. Simply decorate with a gorgeous lamp, a frame photo, your favourite book, and a home scent for a minimal, yet stylish look.

Tip 3 – Create a Hotel Vibe

There is something so special and luxurious about spending a night away at a hotel. You can create a similar vibe at home by switching up a few items and adding in some finishing touches to elevate your space. Once you have upgraded your bedding as suggested in Tip 1, be sure to physically make your bed every day. Getting into a made-up bed at the end of a busy day is so much more satisfying than an untidy one. Spritz your linen with a beautiful scent such as sandalwood or jasmine and light a candle to set the mood for the space. To create the ultimate hotel bedroom design, we recommend investing in some sheer curtains, a soft rug, and a comfortable occasional chair to finish off the space and create the hotel look at home.


Tip 4 – Cosy It Up With A Rug

Rugs are the finishing touch for every bedroom and allow the design to be taken to the next level. Rugs work to not only add softness and warmth to a space but work to ground the room and bring the furniture pieces together. We love choosing a soft rug in the bedroom to create a cosy vibe underfoot. Head into Deco Rug and The Rug Establishment to check out their beautiful range of styles and textures to suit any design style. When placing a rug in a bedroom it should sit approximately halfway under the bed and extend beyond the foot of the bed. We love using a 230cm x 160cm sized rug in a bedroom with a queen bed as it usually fits perfectly within the proportions of most standard bedrooms.


Tip 5 – Choose A Fresh New Colour Palette

If you have had the same colour scheme in your room for what feels like years, then it might be time to upgrade your soft furnishings and decorative accessories in order to feel inspired by the space again. The bedroom can often be a room that gets forgotten in the home as we spend so much time focusing on the interiors in communal rooms such as the living room or dining room. Updating your colour palette in the bedroom can be as simple as purchasing some new cushions and a fun new quilt cover from Adairs. Pair these soft furnishings with a few beautiful new decorative pieces such as vases, books, lamps or plant pots from stores such as Freedom or Domayne.


If you have had the same colour scheme in your room for what feels like years, then it might be time to upgrade your soft furnishings and decorative accessories in order to feel inspired by the space again. The bedroom can often be a room that gets forgotten in the home as we spend so much time focusing on the interiors in communal rooms such as the living room or dining room. Updating your colour palette in the bedroom can be as simple as purchasing some new cushions and a fun new quilt cover from Adairs. Pair these soft furnishings with a few beautiful new decorative pieces such as vases, books, lamps or plant pots from stores such as Freedom or Domayne.

Creating The Perfect Home Office

In 2022 a lot of us have the luxury of working from home due to the increased flexibility and adaptability of workplaces over the past couple of years. Working from home has its perks and benefits, but it can also have some downfalls if you haven’t created a functional and organised sanctuary that inspires you and allows you to feel productive throughout the workday. Here at Homemaker The Valley we have a wide range of retailers that can assist with finding you the perfect furniture and home organisation pieces to create a beautiful home office for you. Below are our top things to consider and keep in mind when designing your work from home space.

Organisation Is Key

Organisation is recommended in all areas of the home, but it is essential in the home office space. To ensure you know where all your files, stationery and electronics are and to allow for easy accessibility, a few systems need to be put in place. We recommend choosing a desk that has at least two drawers to allow you to store your stationery and notepads within easy reach. A drawer unit or filing cabinet is also important for filing away those important paper copies of not only work documents, but kid’s school papers, home related paperwork, car insurance and technology and appliance manuals. Having all the paper storage in the home in a dedicated section of the home office ensures things stay organised and encourages family members to put things back in their designated areas. To avoid the desktop becoming cramped and messy, we recommend investing in a desk organiser that can hold pens, a calculator, stapler, tape, business cards and any tech you reach for throughout the day. Next time you visit Homemaker The Valley we suggest heading into Howard’s Storage World where you will find so many amazing and innovative products that make keeping an organised home office a breeze.

Keep It Inspiring

Although home offices are predominantly used for tasks such as work, schoolwork, and life admin, it is important to still create an inspiring space. We are firm believers that when your environment is beautiful and inspiring it entices you to be in the space and encourages a more effective workflow. Make sure to add some colour to your home office through items such as a bold artwork piece from Oz Design Furniture to adorn one of the walls. Or add a few decorative vignettes throughout the space on open shelving, the top of your desk or a filing cabinet. Pair items such as a colourful vase, greenery and a beautiful smelling candle with a framed family photo that brings you joy. We recommend keeping the home office as light and bright as possible and avoid using too many dark colours. Stick to a neutral colour palette with pops of your favourite colour such as turquoise blue, sunshine yellow or forest green. Smell can also play a role in how a space makes you feel, so be sure to light a calming candle in a fresh scent that can encourage tranquillity and productivity.


Choose Beautiful, Yet Functional Furniture

There are a few key pieces of furniture you require in a home office to ensure it is a functional space. The desk is the first and main furniture item that needs to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing as it is the centrepiece for the space and where the magic happens! When selecting a desk, ensure you allow for a large enough desktop area to house not only your laptop, but a desk organiser, table lamp, notepads, other tech items and enough space to not feel cramped and cluttered. We love either a beautiful, crisp white desk or a rich timber tone found in stores such as Domayne, Adairs and Freedom. As mentioned above, we recommend including a drawer unit or storage unit in your home office to allow for organisation and storage of office supplies and paperwork. We love straying away from traditional ‘office’ furniture for this area as you can use a buffet or chest of drawers for this purpose, and they are often more gorgeous and unique! Choose a great quality storage unit from stores such as Oz Design Furniture or Early Settler that have unique elements like brass knobs, timber fretwork or statement legs. We recommend browsing through our beautiful stores and seeing what furniture pieces could work in your home office to make it feel like not only a functional, but inspiring room of the house.

If you find the perfect piece for your home office at one of our retailers, be sure to share it with us on Instagram! You can tag us in your stories or feed posts @homemaker_the_valley. We look forward to seeing you in the centre soon!

A Quick Guide To Choosing Artwork In Your Home

Artwork in the home allows you to create wow factor, add colour and texture and inspire talking points amongst your spaces. We love using artwork throughout the entire home such as the bedrooms, living areas, entryways, hallway, bathrooms, and kitchen. Artwork can often be the finishing touch to a room and allows spaces to feel complete and styled to perfection. It can also be a great starting point when designing a space as you can draw inspiration from the colours, forms and textures found in your art pieces. Here at Homemaker The Valley we have an array of amazing retailers that offer beautiful artworks that will elevate any space in your home. Today we will be talking you through our favourite types of artworks and where to place them in the different rooms and spaces in your home.

Artwork In The Living & Dining Rooms

The living and dining rooms are some of our favourite places to go bold with artwork and make a statement. As these areas are often the largest rooms of the house, they allow you to go larger in terms of size and impact. A common mistake in the living and dining room can be choosing artwork that is too small and therefore gets lost in the space. We love hanging a beautiful, framed canvas artwork above the sofa on the main wall of the living room to lift the eye gaze up. A rule of thumb is to hang artwork with the bottom of the frame sitting approximately 20-25cm above the top of the sofa. Large landscape pieces work well here, or 2 medium size portrait artworks. For the dining room, we love selecting 2 or 3 medium size square or portrait artworks and evenly spacing them on one large wall. If you have a buffet or storage cabinet in the dining room, make sure to place a beautiful artwork or 2 above this.

Artwork In The Kitchen & Bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are great spaces to have fun with artwork and choose something quirky and interesting to bring life to the space. Wall space in the kitchen and bathroom can be quite minimal, so it is best to opt for small art pieces that fill a gap or blank wall. We love hanging a fun artwork above the WC in an A4 or A3 sizAdairs have some gorgeous, framed canvas artworks in store at the moment that are perfect for bringing life and colour into your kitchen.


Artwork In The Bedrooms

When designing a bedroom, where possible we always recommend placing your bed on a wall that does not have any windows or other fixtures. This allows you to have a blank canvas to hang some gorgeous artwork above the bed and create a focal point for the room. According to Feng Shui, grouping items in sets of two in the bedroom is considered to provide good energy and good luck. As such, we love placing two portrait artworks above the bed that complement each other nicely. To encourage a calming space, we recommend choosing artwork in soft and muted tones to promote a sense of relaxation and tranquillity. Next time you are at Homemaker The Valley, head into Oz Design Furniture, James Lane and Freedom to view their beautiful range of artworks that are perfect for the bedroom.


Artwork In The Common Areas

We love using artwork throughout the home and creating interest and flow throughout each space. Hallways and stairwells can often be a forgotten area of the home when it comes to decorating, but we believe they are the perfect spaces for beautiful artwork or framed family photos. We love creating beautiful family gallery walls with matching frames in either a black or oak timber and printing photos in sepia or black and white for a seamless effect. For a gallery feel, it is essential to have a border of what space between the photo and the frame to create a sophisticated look. Head into target=”_blank”>Howard’s Storage World
Frame Today
and chat to our friendly staff about creating the perfect gallery wall in your home. Stairwells can be a great place to create wow factor and use artwork to bring colour and vibrancy to a space. As you rarely have to take into consideration many furniture or homewares items in a stairwell, you can choose a bright colour or texture that becomes the main focal point of the space.

How To Decorate: Transitional Style

Transitional Style has grown in popularity over the past couple of years and is gaining more and more momentum as the term becomes a more ‘household name’. The style has created a movement in the USA and Canada through the likes of Studio McGee and Leclair Décor and is starting to have the same effect here in Australia.

What is Transitional Style?

Essentially, Transitional Style refers to a design style that mixes both traditional and modern furniture, finishing’s, and décor to create a cohesive and unique look. For example, you may choose to use a variety of classic furniture pieces in a room but opt for more modern home décor items and soft furnishings to avoid a ‘stuffy’ and ‘outdated’ feel. The key aspect of this design style is that all elements of the space work cohesively and blend together well through the use of shape, colour and proportion.


What is the colour palette?

The colour palette is a crucial aspect of nailing the transitional design style. The colour palette consists of a wide variety of neutral and monochromatic shades to create both a calming yet striking look. In a transitional style living room or bedroom, you will often see bright white walls, a soft grey or beige rug, warm timber furniture and black metal accents. The decorative accessories can be a mixture of neutrals paired with bold pops of tan leather, navy blue or olive green. We suggest avoiding any colours that are too bright or pastel when decorating in this style as the overall effect is for a calming and blended space.

What furniture pieces do I choose?

When choosing furniture pieces whilst designing to a transitional design style we suggest looking for more traditional styles that ‘ground’ the space. For example, choose a bed that is in either a sturdy, warm timber, a large, upholstered bedhead or go the extra mile and opt for a sleek four-poster bed for a real statement! Early Settler and Provincial Home Living have some great beds that suit this design style perfectly! When selecting a sofa or occasional chair, we recommend choosing the largest option that will fit the space to give a sense of comfort and grandeur. Avoid any sofas that are sleek, angular and propped up with slimline legs. Check out Nick Scali, Freedom and James Lane’s gorgeous sofas that will suit the transitional design style perfectly. Black metal accents are popular with this design style to take it from traditional to transitional with a modern touch. Add black steel accents through the legs of an occasional chair, coffee table or nest of side tables for a sophisticated look.

How do I style my home décor?

Styling is key when perfecting the transitional design style and we have some tips for nailing it and where to shop for the best finds! The soft furnishings and home décor are where you can add a touch more colour and pattern to the overall design and play with texture. Having a curated coffee table is a key element of the transitional design style. We recommend playing with height by adding a tall vase with native green stems, a rattan tray to group decorative items together and a modern sculptural element to elevate the look. Head into stores such as Freedom, Adairs and Provincial Home Living for some great pieces to create your perfect coffee table for you. When it comes to soft furnishings we love a combination of tan leather, patterned navy and contrasting charcoal cushions to add a modern touch. Layer the look with textured throw rugs in a variety of wools and linens to give the bedroom and living room a cosy vibe. Adairs and TK Maxx have an amazing range of soft furnishings to suit the transitional design style, be sure to check them out this weekend!

Our resident stylist Eliza, loves this design style, so be sure to book in for your complimentary styling session to pick her brain on all things ‘Transitional’! We have a mixture of retailers here at Homemaker The Valley that are both modern and traditional, which allow you to create the perfect transitional design style we know you’ll love!

Creating the perfect bedroom

The bedroom is the one place in the home that should be a sanctuary where you can retreat to at the end of a busy day. There are a few key aspects that go into creating the perfect bedroom space, from the soft furnishings to the scent, the colour palette and more! Today we are discussing 5 ways you can create the ultimate bedroom space that can be enjoyed for weekend sleep-ins and cosy nights in. Just in time for the cooler months ahead!

High Quality Linen

When decorating a home, there are certain pieces you can save money on and certain aspects you should invest in. Bed linen is an area of your home that we highly recommend investing in and choosing high quality pieces. We spend over a third of our lives sleeping, so it is essential that we are opting for linen that is soft, breathable and of a high thread count. It often works out more affordable in the long run to spend slightly more money on your linen as the cheaper alternatives tend to need replacing far sooner. We love The The Sheridan Outlet’s amazing range of high-quality sheets, pillowcases, and coverlets. We also recommend checking out the beautiful range of on-trend colours and prints from Adairs when it comes to choosing your next linen combo.


Think About The Storage

Choosing furniture in a bedroom that has built-in storage is essential in keeping the space organised and clutter-free. We always recommend opting for a bedside table that has at least one drawer or cupboard to store your essentials in a neat and tidy way. We have a number of retailers who specialise in bedroom furniture here at Homemaker The Valley and have options in every design style for bedside tables. When it comes to purchasing your next bed, we recommend choosing a style that has built-in storage underneath. Beds take up majority of the floor space in a bedroom, so it is imperative we make use of the otherwise wasted space underneath. Check out Beds n Dreams, Sleepy’s, Forty Winks and Snooze for your next beautiful bed!


Consider Scents

The bedroom is a place that we would like to always be smelling as fresh as possible. There’s nothing better than heading to bed of an evening with the smell of freshly washed linen and a beautiful candle burning. When using scents in the bedroom, we recommend choosing fragrances that are fresh and floral such as jasmine, cotton, lavender, vanilla, and bergamot. As this room is predominately used for sleeping, it is important to not have any scents that are overpowering. We suggest avoiding reed diffusers in the bedroom as they can be very strong and opt for room sprays and candles instead. Freedom and TK Maxx have some amazing ranges of room fragrances, so be sure to head in store to pick up a brand-new scent! Water diffusers are another great option for the bedroom as you can play with different essential oil blends to find the perfect one that helps you drift soundly to sleep.

Neutral & Calming Colours

Creating the perfect bedroom involves selecting the perfect colour palette to ensure a tranquil and calming space. The bedroom should evoke feelings of relaxation and become a place that you can’t wait to retreat to at the end of a busy day. We recommend using neutral tones such a white, warm grey, soft beige and charcoal for a soft and pleasing backdrop. Then layer with calming tones of light blue or sage green. Keep your large furniture pieces neutral and add in subtle pops of colour through cushions, bed linen, armchairs, ottomans, and décor accessories. Check out Adairs and Provincial Home Living’s range of beautiful home décor accessories in a range of soft colours that would be perfect for the bedroom.


Enhance Your Soft Furnishings

One of the key aspects when it comes to creating a warm and inviting bedroom is to ensure it is layered in a variety of textured soft furnishings. Start from the ground up and choose a rug that is soft underfoot and sets the tone for the space. As mentioned above, we recommend investing in high quality bed linen to create a plush feel and give the sense of ‘hotel luxury’ at home. Layer a variety of cushions and throw rugs in varying sizes to add a pop of soft colour to the space. We suggest choosing fabrics such as cotton or linen and avoiding any cushions with embellishments and rough textures. Head into stores such as The Sheridan Outlet, Adairs and Freedom to view their beautiful range of soft furnishings next time you’re at the centre. We look forward to seeing you then!

5 Home Decorating Myths Debunked

We believe that decorating your home should be a fun and enjoyable experience. There can be some conflicting information out there in the interiors and home renovating world as we are bombarded with new material every day. To make your home decorating experience more pleasant we have compiled a list of the most common myths we see when it comes to styling your home. We hope this gives you the confidence to head in-store and start your home decorating journey today!

1. You must stick to one design style

This is probably the biggest myth of them all and is often why people hesitate in starting to redecorate their home or taking a risk in designing a room. Your home should be a reflection of you, the people who reside there, your lifestyle and your personal style. Specific interior design styles such as Hamptons, Provincial, Bohemian, Mid-Century Modern and Farmhouse are there to take inspiration from and incorporate in a way that works for you and your home. We recommend blending a couple of different design styles to create a unique look. The key to a cohesive design is to choose design styles that have similar elements, shapes, textures, and colour palettes. For example, you can easily blend a mixture of Hamptons and Country whilst incorporating a modern twist as they both incorporate a predominately light colour palette and classic shapes. If you would like advice on how to include multiple design styles into your home then you can book in with our Resident Stylist for your complimentary styling session, simply click the ‘Stylist’ tab on our website, or click here now to book.

2. Small rooms need small furniture

A common misconception when decorating and furnishing a small home is that you need to choose small pieces – this is simply not true. When you walk into a room where all the furniture is compact and tiny, you are automatically triggered into thinking the space is small. The trick is to mix ‘normal-size’ pieces and small pieces in a clever way that gives the illusion of space. For example, choosing a regular-sized two-seater sofa, but opting for a smaller round coffee table to balance out the space. In a bedroom, we always recommend choosing a double or queen bed and going for a slightly narrower bedside table option if you are tight on space. Our beautiful retailers have so many great options for furniture that suits both large and small spaces and you can ask them for advice on styling them together in your home too!

3. You shouldn’t mix timbers

Having the same timber throughout an entire space can actually create the look of the dreaded ‘matchy-matchy’ interior. To create a balanced and flowing space that has points of interest, it is essential to incorporate at least two different timber tones. For example, you could opt for a large dining table in a darker walnut timber paired with the legs of the dining chairs and nearby bar stools in a lighter oak timber. The trick is to ensure you have a balance of either 50/50 or 70/30 in terms of percentages of timber throughout the room. Incorporating two different types of timbers is easy and shouldn’t be overthought. Simply make sure you have an even balance and not a small amount of one and a large amount of another. Head into Homemaker The Valley to retailers such as Freedom, Oz Design Furniture and James Lane where you will see some great examples of this displayed.

4. Beautiful homes must have expensive furniture

Designing with expensive furniture in order for a space to look beautiful, is a huge myth in the interior design and decorating world. There are so many wonderful stores offering a variety of affordable price points here at Homemaker The Valley – we have an abundance to choose from! We always recommend investing in quality pieces and ensuring that items such as your sofa, bed, linen, and rugs are considered in terms of the price. Pair these higher ticket items with more affordable soft furnishings and furniture pieces that don’t get a lot of wear and tear such as a console table, entertainment unit or buffet. A beautiful home is created by pairing pieces that complement each other well and are of a high quality, not what the price tag says.



5. You must always include some ‘trend’ pieces

Trends come and go with every season and the trick is to identify which ones resonate with you and your home. We love seeing the gorgeous new homewares and furniture pieces that our retailers bring out here at Homemaker The Valley, but it is about choosing which ones will work with our current interior. We recommend choosing classic styles and avoiding trends when it comes to larger furniture items such as your sofa, bed, dining table and chairs. Where you can experiment with trends and trend colours is in your soft furnishings such as cushions and blankets or artwork for your walls. When purchasing a new item for your home, think about if the colour, shape, and style will match or complement your current interior, if the answer is yes, then go for it!

The Next Big Trends In Interior Design

Over the past few years, people have spent more and more time in their homes. There has been a focus on creating homes that feel good and create a calming oasis to escape from our busy lives. With more emphasis on time spent at home, we are seeing more bravery in experimental interiors and exploring new ideas and trends. Today we are discussing the timeless trends that are forecast to be popular in 2022 and how you can incorporate them into your home. We love exploring new trends and finding ways of merging them with our current colours, textures, and personal interior style. Head in-store to see our beautiful retailers showcasing the next big trends for 2022.

Rich Timbers

For the past decade, we have seen light blonde timbers at the forefront of the interior design world, but there is a shift happening in 2022. In 2022 we will be seeing the rise of richer timbers used in homes such as walnut or spotted gum. Darker timbers pair perfectly with soft fabrics such as linens and cottons and create a beautiful contrast in a predominantly light interior design scheme. We love seeing dark timbers used in design styles such as Modern Farmhouse or Mediterranean that are both rapidly growing in popularity for new builds and renovations. The key to using rich-toned timbers in your home is to ensure you do not go overboard with the dark elements. Choose key pieces that pair well with softer tones and textures such as a dining table, coffee table or bedside tables. We love the range of rich timbers on display at stores such as James Lane, Oz Design Furniture and Nick Scali. We recommend taking a browse through the stores this weekend to see their display setups and gather inspiration for your own home.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is set to be a huge trend in 2022 and will be used in new and exciting ways. Not only will we be seeing the rise of natural stone used in traditional areas such as tiled bathrooms, outdoor areas, and benchtops, but home décor and furniture pieces too. Stone coffee tables in varieties of travertine and coloured marble will be huge in 2022 and will become the statement of the living room. Keep an eye out on stores like Oz Design Furniture and Freedom for pieces that will compliment this trend. We are also seeing natural stone coming through in decorative pieces such as bookends, trays, sculptures, vases and more. Be sure to soften the natural stone by styling your furniture and home decor pieces with lighter textures, curves, and soft toned linen. Head into Adairs and Oz Design Furniture to see how they are already embracing the natural stone home décor trend today!



Feature Walls

That’s right, feature walls are back! This trend was hugely popular in the 2000’s and we saw most homes embrace this trend in just about every room of the house. In 2022 we will be seeing a more modern twist on the feature wall and people experimenting with different textures and elements. Feature walls will be most popular in cladding such as VJ groove or wainscoting and in contrasting colours that offsets the remaining walls. Rendered walls have been growing in popularity in 2021 and we will be seeing this continue as it blends well with the natural and organic interiors trend that is huge at the moment. Removable wallpaper is a great way to create a feature wall without committing to a structural or hard to remove element, which is a great option if you are renting. Feature walls are great behind beds, at the rear of a dining room or in children’s rooms to create wow factor in a space.


Colours Of The Earth

Gone are the days of stark white and grey interiors that feel cold, sterile, and uninviting. The future of interior design focuses on creating homes that feel warm, cosy, and welcoming. When designing your home and selecting a colour palette that embraces earthy tones, we recommend using shades of warm white, beige, soft browns, muddy greens, and ochre. These colours work well together to create a harmonious and calming interior that allows you, your family, and guests to feel comfortable in the home. You can dip your toes into the earthy colours trend by starting with soft furnishings. We love the look of a variety of cushions and throw rugs in warm earthy tones paired with a textural rug and some natural stone décor pieces. Head into stores such as Eureka St, Oz Design Furniture and Adairs who are already embracing this trend.



We would love to hear what trends you are looking forward to seeing in our retailers in 2022. Be sure to head into Homemaker The Valley regularly to see new season drops and inspiring mall displays to help you along on your home decorating journey. We look forward to assisting you with all your home design needs in 2022. Don’t forget CLICK HERE to book in with our resident stylist, Eliza for your complimentary styling session to help you along on your shopping expedition and provide you with professional interior design advice.

A Quick Tip Guide To Decluttering Each Room Of Your House

With the new year approaching we find ourselves looking for ways to refresh and start anew in various aspects of our lives. We feel this sudden urge to organise, streamline and declutter after the fun and frivolity of the festive season. Throughout December our homes can build up with clutter from Christmas, school holidays and the year that has been, so it is a great time to start thinking about a house organise for January. Below we are sharing with you some quick tips for decluttering and organising specific rooms of your home. We hope this gives you the inspiration you need coming into the new year to start off on the right foot and feel inspired about your spaces once more!


The kitchen is not only the heart of the home, but it is also one of the most utilised rooms in the house. Over time, not only our pantries, but our kitchen cupboards can build up with clutter and become very disorganised. Our favourite tip for decluttering this space is to get everything out onto the bench and sort into piles of keep, donate, and bin. Then you can sort into like-minded piles and return to their cupboards in a neat and orderly way. In regards to storage solutions, we recommend purchasing stackable clear containers for pantry items that allow you to make use of vertical space and see the contents of your goods clearly. Try adding lazy susan turntables to corner cupboards and the pantry to allow for easy accessibility. Stacking racks are great for items such as chopping boards, saucepans, baking pans and Tupperware lids to be able to see each item and neatly remove and place back during uses. All of the above items and more can be purchased from Howard’s Storage World in the north centre of Homemaker The Valley. Check them out this weekend!


The bathroom is a space that we use morning and night, but rarely think to declutter and organise. Vanities are not always built in a functional way, so it essential to utilise storage solutions to ensure you create a system that works for you. When decluttering your bathroom, check for expiry dates on old products, remove items you no longer use and wipe down each product to ensure they are fresh and clean. Clear storage containers are perfect for bathroom vanity cupboards as they allow you to group items together such as dental, hair, makeup, toiletry bags and grooming. For vanity drawers we love using drawer dividers to keep things organised and to avoid the inevitable mess that comes with a bathroom drawer. Howard’s Storage World has some beautiful bamboo drawer dividers that we love using in our bathroom vanities.


The laundry is a functional room in the home that requires systems in place to allow for as little time as possible spent in this utilitarian room. Organise your linen cupboard by grouping linen in either bed size of family member and then store in baskets for easy access. You can purchase some beautiful rectangular baskets that are perfect for a linen cupboard from stores such as Freedom and Provincial Home Living. If you have some bench space in your laundry, we recommend adding a washing station that includes some clear plastic or glass jars on a bamboo tray labelled with ‘washing powder’, ‘fabric softener’ and ‘stain remover’. Invest in three washing baskets that are clearly labelled with ‘whites’, ‘darks’ and ‘colours’ so that each member of the family can drop their clothes in allowing you to save time sorting in the long run. By creating systems in the laundry, you create efficiency and as a result bring more time and mental space back into your day.


The main areas of a bedroom that build up with clutter include wardrobes, chests of drawers, bedside tables and under bed storage. When it comes to decluttering your wardrobe and chest of drawers, much like the kitchen, it is essential to take everything out and review from there. Sort into piles of keep, donate, and bin and organise into piles of like-minded items. For an organised look we love using flocked or velvet hangers in a matching colourway to save space and create a seamless look in your wardrobe. For drawer storage we recommend the ‘rolling’ technique instead of stacking as this allows you to see each item of clothing in one glance. Howard’s Storage World have some beautiful fabric compartment trays to add to your drawers if you want to take your organisation to the next level! For under bed storage we recommend using shallow, clear containers on wheels that allow for easy access and storage for items such as seasonal blankets and clothes. To organise your bedside table, we love using dividers for drawers and stackable containers for cupboards to ensure your items are within easy reach and grouped together for convenience.

When decluttering other areas of the home such as children’s bedrooms, living rooms the home office and garages, they all follow a similar system as mentioned above. It is essential to first and foremost, always remove all items from cupboards and asses what you would like to keep and get rid of. From here you can sort items by group and analyse what storage solutions will work best for the space. Then comes the fun part, shopping! Head into Homemaker The Valley to see our amazing range of storage solutions that our retailers have on offer. You can have a chat to the friendly staff, and they can share their knowledge on the best system that will work for you. Or book in with our Resident Stylist for a complimentary styling session where you can discuss all things home organisation! We look forward to seeing you soon at Homemaker The Valley.

2021 Christmas Trends

The Christmas decorations are officially on display at some of our amazing retailers here at Homemaker The Valley! We are feeling particularly festive this year and are looking forward to having a Christmas that is memorable, filled with joy and spent with family and friends. Each year, we love rounding up our favourite Christmas trends we are seeing come through from our beautiful retailers in store and online. Today we are sharing with you our three favourite trends and providing you with inspiration on how to decorate not only your home, but your tree, gifts and dining table too! We can’t wait to see you shopping in the centre for gifts and decorative pieces throughout the festive season and look forward to seeing you soon!

Merry And Bright

One of our favourite trends we are seeing growing in popularity this festive season is the ‘merry and bright’ trend. The colour palette is the main star of this trend and features bright hues of blues, reds, greens, and pinks. When decorating your tree, ensure you have a variety of brightly coloured baubles to pop against the forest green of the tree. We love the range of baubles Provincial Home Living have brought out this year that work perfectly with this trend. When decorating your table for the big day, we recommend opting for placemats and napkins in a bright colour such as pink, orange, or blue. Pair these with a colourful bouquet of flowers and some festive foliage lining the table to complete the look. Gift wrapping is so much fun when sticking to the ‘merry and bright’ theme as you can mix and match a range of colourful wrapping, bows, gift tags and ribbon that look amazing, perched underneath the tree.  This trend is perfect for families or if you want to bring a fun and festive vibe to the silly season this year. We love this trend as it is a little bit retro and reminiscent of childhood, our best advice is to just have fun with it!

Traditional And Elegant

We can’t go passed a traditional theme when it comes to decorating your home, tree, table and gifts each year. In 2021 we are seeing the return of an elegant, sophisticated, and traditional Christmas with a colour palette of green, gold, silver, black, white and a pop of cherry red. Metallics suit this trend well and we love decorating the tree using a combination of silver and gold and choosing baubles in a variety of glass and mixed metals. When decorating your home for the festive season in a traditional and elegant way we suggest adding foliage to any rails or mantles, hanging beautiful stockings, adding a festive wreath to your front door, and adding small, traditional decorative ornaments throughout the home. Decorating your dining table or outdoor table for Christmas lunch is simple when sticking to the traditional and elegant trend. Use a minimal colour palette and include items such as classic glassware, metallic serving platters, linen napkins with gold rings and finish the look with some pine foliage down the centre of the table. We love Provincial Home Living’s gorgeous range of traditional bonbons to spoil each guest with. Or place a beautiful glass bauble from Adairs in the centre of each guest’s plate with a customised name tag.

Natural And Neutral

Neutral and natural textures and colours have been a huge trend in interiors in 2021 and we are seeing it translate to the festive season too! If your home has a calm colour palette of warm whites, soft beiges, oak timbers, and linen textures, then this trend is for you! Adairs have a beautiful range of ornaments and decorations to suit this theme with wooden, decorative baubles and white ceramic stars that look perfect on a minimal and Scandinavian style Christmas tree. When decorating your Christmas table use items such as textured linen napkins, native flowers, handcrafted plates, and wooden name tags. Gift wrapping can be a nostalgic affair when sticking to the natural and neutral trend as it is best to go for a handcrafted and rustic vibe. We love the look of brown butchers’ paper with a beautiful thick green ribbon, finished off with a small pinecone of sprig of rosemary. This trend lends itself to a simple and minimal style, so avoid any bright colours, shiny textures and avoid any over the top embellishments when decorating not only your presents, but your home, tree, and table too.

We would love to hear which trend is your favourite and if you will be incorporating any of these in your decorating this year. Be sure to tag us on Instagram @homemaker_the_valley when you are shopping in the centre and picking up the perfect home décor piece or gift for a loved one. If you feel you need a little extra help with decorating your home for the festive season, don’t forget you can book in for your free styling session with our resident stylist. Just head to the ‘Stylist’ tab of our website and book it in for a time that suits you. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Christmas with Provincial Home Living

The countdown to Christmas is officially underway and our inspiring Christmas collections are now in-store and online. Our three fabulous stories make decorating a breeze – if you’re a traditional red & green fan, you’re going to love the Classic collection. If you’re after something fresh and colourful our joyful Fiesta range is for you, and for something contemporary, our Night Sky story in shades of navy, metallic, and white is surely going to tempt you.

Fiesta Christmas
Our Fiesta range is casual, young, bright and oh-so festive! Children of all ages are going to love the bright, cheerful colours of orange, pink, blue, and green. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face and set a party atmosphere.

Night Sky Christmas
Create an unforgettable Christmas! From the perfect dining accessories to the ultimate tree decorations, let us help you create your most wonderful Christmas yet. The combination of navy, metallic, and white is sophisticated but not too serious, with prints of stars and dots to add a touch of playfulness.

Classic Christmas
We’ve all grown up with a traditional red and green Christmas and we love it! But why are red and green the traditional colours for Christmas? It started centuries ago, when the Celtic people revered red and green coloured holly plants, and believed holly was meant to keep Earth beautiful during the dead of winter. Our Classic story this year with traditional colours of red and green will certainly help make your home beautiful this Christmas.

Homemaker-The-Valley-PHL-Classic-Christmas-5 Homemaker-The-Valley-PHL-Classic-Christmas-4


Our latest and notable products you just have to see!

Our new Cayman Table is crafted from reclaimed Teak and features detailed legs. Teak only becomes more beautiful over time – weathering to a gorgeous soft grey colour.

Our new Clancy Mirror is Big, bold and beautiful … it is a real statement piece.  The rusted iron of the frame adds extra interest to the paned mirror.  A standout choice for an entrance space or it will look great in a dining room or living room.

Our new Jonas Armchair is a low, contemporary armchair upholstered in high quality, beautiful textured fabric. The neutral allspice colour will mix successfully with a lot of other hues and contrasts with the black iron legs.


And last but definitely not the least, here’s some inspiration for your Spring/Summer styling!