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How To Update Your Home For Spring

Spring is officially here in Brisbane! The flowers are blooming, the days are warming up and there is a certain freshness to the air. We love Spring here at Homemaker The Valley and often think of it as the perfect time to refresh our home and breathe new life into our spaces. Spring brings upon it the start of the entertaining season and the eagerness to spend more time relaxing and dining alfresco. In today’s post we are sharing our favourite ways you can update your home this season to ensure it feels fresh and new for Spring!


It’s Time To Head Outside

Spring is the time of year where we start to venture outside throughout the day and find ourselves spending more and more time relaxing in our outdoor spaces. Whether that is enjoying your morning coffee whilst sitting at a bistro table or having your friends and family around for drinks as the evenings get warmer and lighter. We recommend taking a closer look out your outdoor spaces, giving them a clean and spruce up by sweeping, wiping down all surfaces and tidying up your furniture. Spring is the perfect time to invest in some new outdoor furniture pieces to ensure you are ready for the entertaining season ahead! We have some amazing retailers offering a wide variety of gorgeous outdoor living furniture such as lounges, coffee tables, bar tables, sun lounges, dining tables and more! Head into Remarkable Furniture, Freedom or Early Settler this weekend to check out their new ranges.

Update Your Vase Collection

Springtime provides us the perfect excuse to buy some beautiful blooms to add to our homes! The gorgeous colours of lilies, snapdragons, gardenias and roses and a pop of colour to your home and breathe life into any room of the house. Make sure you are doing these flowers justice by presenting them in a statement vase! Vases are not often something we buy ourselves and we usually end up with a collection of hand-me-downs or gifted vases that don’t necessarily reflect our home’s design style. Spring is the perfect time to treat yourself to a new vase and our stores here at Homemaker The Valley offer a huge range to suit any style. Head into Provincial Home Living, Freedom or Oz Design Furniture to find your perfect vase today!


De-clutter And Spring Clean

Our homes can become quite cramped and stuffy after the winter months of being closed off and cosied up inside. We recommend setting some time aside to have a Spring clean or declutter to allow you to see your home in a new light and ensure it is feeling fresh for the months ahead. Start by opening all your windows and letting the breeze flow through your home. If you are struggling to know where to begin when it comes to decluttering, we recommend heading over to our previous post which details ’10 ways to inspire a declutter in your home’. Start small and go through room by room to ensure your spaces are looking and feeling fresh. If you need a little helping hand with organisation and storage solutions, head into Howard’s Storage World at Homemaker North to be inspired and find everything you could ever need when it comes to home organisation!

Swap Your Soft Furnishings

During Winter we usually find ourselves reaching for a faux fur throw blanket and a big fluffy cushion to snuggle up to of an evening. As the days and nights get warmer, we find ourselves avoiding the heavy blankets and wanting something lighter for Spring. We love Adairs beautiful range of linen cushions and throw rugs that are perfect for layering on your bed or sofa during the warmer months. Their lightweight material allows you to snuggle up and get cosy without feeling too hot and bothered. Opt for fabrics that have minimal embellishments in a range of bright or neutral colours to give your home a relaxed and fresh look. We also love adding some bright weatherproof cushions to our outdoor furniture to give a welcoming and fun vibe to our alfresco spaces. Head into stores such as Remarkable Living and Freedom for a great range of outdoor soft furnishings like cushions and rugs.

Refresh Your Colour Palette

Spring is the time of year we can add bright colours and soft pastels to our homes to make them feel renewed and vibrant! Pack away your mustard, orange and deep green tones and make way for sage greens, blush pinks, baby blue and sunshine yellow. We love pairing these tones with an array of neutrals such as a fresh white, linen, or warm grey to make the colours pop! These bright hues bring joy to your spaces and can be added through items such as vases, artworks, decorative accents, cushions and throw blankets. Take inspiration from nature and the blooming trees and mix and match colours until you find the perfect palette for you. If you need help picking the perfect colour palette, why not book in for a styling session with our resident stylist, Eliza Grace? Did we mention they’re free! All you need to do is head to the ‘stylist’ tab on our website and book in a timeslot that works for you! We look forward to seeing you soon at Homemaker The Valley!


Decorating A Queenslander Home

The Queenslander home is synonymous with the Brisbane lifestyle. It is a goal of many Queenslanders to be able to purchase one of these beautiful, traditional homes and renovate them back to their former glory. The history of the Queenslander style home was purely designed to cater to the hot climate we have her in the sunshine state. With their wide verandas to shelter from an afternoon storm and their long hallways and French doors to allow for air flow, they were an architectural masterpiece. The Queenslander style of home was built predominately between the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century and is still a popular style in new builds today. Below we discuss how best to decorate a Queenslander home and tips and tricks to utilise their stunning design and create a space that pays homage to their history.


Colour Palette:

Overtime the colour palette for traditional Queenslander style homes has varied throughout the years. In the past we have seen colours such as heritage green, deep burgundy and royal blue paired with beiges and browns. This creates a ‘country’ look and can be modernised for today’s trends by using pops of the above-mentioned bright colours, whilst keeping the base of most larger items neutral. In recent years we have seen the rise of the beautiful white, grey, charcoal and blue Queenslanders that are influenced by a more ‘Hamptons’ style. This colour palette and style blends well with the Queenslander home as it compliments a coastal and tropical lifestyle whilst also making the homes feel light and bright. We recommend painting the interior of your home an off white or lights grey and highlighting the traditional cornices and decorative moulding in a bright white.

Utilise Height:

The Queenslander home is famous for its high ceilings and VJ panelling, which immediately draws the eye upwards upon entering. Utilise the height of the space by using styling tricks and lighting to accentuate these features. We love using floating shelves in areas such as the kitchen, bedroom or living rooms to add interest to walls and an extra space to display your favourite items. Bring personality into a space by styling the shelves with a stack of books, a trailing plant or a beautiful arrangement of decorative pots and vases. Gallery walls are an amazing feature to add to the long hallways of Queenslander homes as you can create a beautiful story and display your favourite artworks and photos in a creative way. We love the frames on offer at Freedom and Provincial Home Living. Another way to draw the eye upwards is to add in feature lighting in the form of hanging pendants or wall sconces. Add a beautiful pendant light above a dining table or line the hallway with a few gorgeous wall sconces to elevate the style and look of the home.

Create An Outdoor Oasis:

A main feature of the Queenslander Home is the sprawling verandas and large outdoor spaces. It is essential to make use of these gorgeous spaces by creating zones, furnishing and decorating them for a variety of uses. We recommend adding a large dining table and chairs for outdoor entertaining that will allow you to eat alfresco during the summer months and invite friends and family over for long lunches and dinners. We love the dining sets from Remarkable Furniture and Early Settler – they’ve got combinations to suit every design style! A veranda is not complete without a bistro table and chairs for morning coffee and newspaper relaxing and or evening glass of wine. Lastly, finish with some beautiful outdoor plants in beautiful pots and baskets to create the ultimate outdoor oasis!


Use Rugs & Soft Furnishings:

Queenslander Homes predominantly have timber floors, high ceilings, long hallways and open living areas. As they were built to withstand the gruelling, hot Queensland Summers there are a few tricks to make sure they do not feel cold and unwelcoming in the cooler months of Winter. We recommend adding rugs to rooms such as the living, dining and bedroom to ground the spaces and add warmth and texture. Choose neutral colours that complement the timber flooring such as light grey, cream or an oatmeal shade. Deco Rug, Carpet Call and James Lane have some beautiful rugs in a variety of sizes, textures and colours to suit any space. Add plenty of cushions and throw rugs to sofas and beds to create a cosy vibe and add pops of colour and texture. Be sure to check out Adairs in Homemaker South as their range of options is on another level!

Mix The Old With New

To create a beautifully styled home that balances the traditional with the modern, it is important to incorporate both aspects to create an overall cohesive home. Accentuate the traditional features of the Queenslander home and pay homage to its history by selecting larger furniture items in a more classic and traditional style. Stores such as One World and Provincial Home Living offer a great variety of pieces such as sofas, dining tables, occasional chairs and display cabinets in more classic styles. To create a balance of old and new add decorative home decor pieces, rugs, soft furnishings and light fixtures in a more modern style. Stores such as Freedom and Adairs have an extensive range of decorative pieces that pair well with more traditional style furniture items. Ensure you stick to a cohesive colour palette throughout, and you will have a balanced and beautifully styled Queenslander in no time!



Our Resident Stylist’s Top Home Styling Tips

Hi, I’m Eliza Grace, the Resident Stylist here at Homemaker The Valley. I offer one on one styling sessions with clients from Thursday through to Sunday, to help you with all your interior design needs. Oh, and did I mention, these are completely free! Through meeting with clients, just like yourself, I have come up with some questions and queries that I get asked time and time again. You are not alone in wondering ‘What size rug fits my living space’, ‘How many cushions should I have on my sofa’ or ‘how do I store all my children’s toys in a stylish way’? Below I am sharing some of my most frequently asked questions during my styling sessions and some insider tips and tricks for styling your home. If you’d like to book in for your free styling session at Homemaker The Valley simply click the ‘Stylist’ tab on our website and choose a timeslot that works for you! I look forward to seeing you soon!


Tip 1 – Choosing Cushions For Your Space

Some of the most frequently asked questions or concerns I have with my styling session clients are ‘How many cushions should I have’, ‘What colours should I choose’ or ‘what size cushions work best’? Cushions are often used to not only add comfort to a sofa or bed, but to inject personality and style into a space. I recommend keeping a neutral palette and adding in a pop of your chosen colour. My golden rule is 2/3 neutral to 1/3 colour! For example, I love working in the rule of thirds, so for each corner of your sofa add two neutral cushions and one coloured cushion. I’m loving combinations such as a warm grey with a sage green or a light beige with pink or mustard. For the bedroom, you could either have a bit more fun or opt for a more subdued colour scheme. I love the look of an all-neutral cushion combo on the bed, creating interest through different textures such as linen, tassels and woven wool. The size of the cushions should balance nicely with the furniture item you are placing them on. My biggest piece of advice is to never choose a cushion that is too small and when in doubt, always layer.

Tip 2 – Decorating Your Coffee Table

Another common concern I discuss with my styling session clients is how to decorate and design a coffee table that is both stylish and functional. It is hard to know where to begin with coffee table styling and I find that most people opt for a blank space, rather than giving it a go. Coffee table styling can be so much fun as it is all about adding personality to the living room and creating points of intrigue. My favourite and non-negotiable items to use for coffee table styling are a beautiful tray, a stack of books, coasters, candles and either a plant or vase of flowers. Depending on the shape of your coffee table you can arrange these in thirds, halves or group them all in the centre for a styled look. Ensure you have some breathing room between items to avoid a cluttered look and always make sure there is some space to place your coffee or drink of choice.

Tip 3 – Choosing The Right Size Rug

On almost every styling session shopping journey we make a stop at Deco Rug or Carpet Call to view their gorgeous ranges. When decorating a room, a rug is an essential aspect of the design in order to bring all items together and ground the space. When adding a rug to the living room I always recommend going slightly larger than you originally intended – the bigger the better! Choose a rug that can be placed approximately 1/3 of the way under your sofa and occasional chairs, with enough space for the coffee table to be placed in the centre. For the dining room, it is essential the rug is large enough so that when a chair is pushed out, it remains on the rug. In the bedroom, I recommend opting for a medium sized rug and placing it either halfway or one third of the way under the end of your bed.

Tip 4 – Stylish Storage Solutions

Choosing storage solutions can be daunting for your home at the best of times. Making sure you have the right size, and the right amount is one thing, but making sure they are stylish and fit in with the interior aesthetic of your home is another. I often take my clients to stores such as Freedom and Adairs to view their range of beautiful baskets and Howard’s Storage World for all their organisational needs. Choose storage items in colourways that complement the palette of your home and stick to neutrals when in doubt. I love using baskets for stylish storage solutions in areas such as the linen cupboard, bathroom vanities, children’s playrooms and the living room. They are the perfect option to store a variety of items in as they offer a quick and easy way to tidy things up in a hurry. Freedom has a gorgeous range of baskets in a variety of colours, patterns and textures to suit any interior design style.

Tip 5 – Adding Stylish Touches To The Bedroom

The bedroom is another area of the home that I often find my styling session clients needing advice on. It can sometimes be a forgotten area of the home as you spend most of your time entertaining, socialising and connecting in the living areas. To make your bedroom feel more inviting and a place you can’t wait to get to at the end of a busy day, use these simple tips and tricks. Make sure your bedding is on point by choosing soft sheets, a fluffy quilt with a beautiful quilt cover and matching cushions to compliment the look. Add some large bedside table lamps to create a design feature, entice you to read before bed and provide a soft lighting option. Add artwork above your bed to create a focal point in the room and bring personality or colour to the space. I recommend finishing the space with a few styled items on your bedside table such as a stack of beautiful books, a trinket tray, candle and a decorative vase with faux or real blooms. Bring the look together and add warmth through a cosy floor rug and your bedroom will be transformed in no time!


If you are wanting more tips and tricks for decorating your home or need help with a particular space, then book in now for your free styling session at Homemaker The Valley. I look forward to seeing you soon and helping you create the home of your dreams!


The Ultimate Guide To Soft Furnishings

The days are getting cooler here in Brisbane and we are finding ourselves snuggling up on our sofas and comfy beds more and more. Now is the perfect time to think about soft furnishings in your home and how you can create a warm and cosy vibe in your space. Soft Furnishings are often thought of as a winter essential, but we are here to tell you that they are a year-round necessity and can be simply switched up with the changing of the seasons. Soft Furnishings can be described as anything from blankets and cushions to floor rugs and bath towels. Below we go into detail for everything you need know about choosing the right textures, colours and finishes to create the perfect, cosy abode.


Textures For Summer

When choosing soft furnishings for summer it is important to think about what they will be used for and what kind of climate you live in. Here in Brisbane, we have unbearably hot summers, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to snuggle up on the sofa. To ensure you stay cool, but still cosy, we recommend opting for fabrics and textures such as linen or cotton in items like cushions or throw rugs. Keep soft furnishings as simple as possible and avoid any items that have embellishments, thick textures or cushions in faux fur. Opt for fabrics and textures that are breathable and allow you to relax and unwind without having to worry about becoming hot and bothered.


Textures For Winter

Winter is the perfect time to embrace all your favourite soft furnishings and make every room in the house as cosy and comfortable as possible. We have so many amazing stores here at Homemaker The Valley that offer a wide array of soft furnishings in snuggly fabrics such as Adairs, The Sheridan Outlet, Freedom and more! Head in store today for inspiration! In the cooler months we recommend opting for soft furnishing items including cushions and throw rugs in fabrics such as wool, faux fur and cotton blends to ensure they are super warm and cosy. We love layering cushions and throw rugs together on sofas, occasional chairs and beds to give a warm and inviting feel.



Cushions are one of our favourite ways to add colour, texture and cosiness to a space. They are an affordable way to completely change the feel of a room by switching up colours from season to season. When decorating a sofa, we recommend grouping cushions in sets of three to create a pleasing and balanced look. Opt for a variety of sizes for a relaxed feel or use the same size throughout to create a uniform and sophisticated style. When selecting cushions for a sofa or occasional chair that your family or guests will be lounging on it is important to select soft and simple fabrics that are free from embellishments. We love a neutral colour scheme using a variety of tones from the same colour family such as white, flax and greige with a pop of a seasonal colour like mustard or sage. The bedroom is the zone where you can be more experimental with decorative cushions as they can be removed easily when sleeping and added back in when making the bed for a styled look. To create interest, we love adding textured and patterned cushions to the bed in a variety of colours or a completely neutral scheme. Next time you are at Homemaker The Valley you have to check out the Adairs cushion wall to be hit with all the inspiration necessary!

Throw Rugs & Blankets

Just like cushions, throw rugs are an essential styling tool for the bedroom and living room. Not only do they look great, create interest and inject colour and texture, but they are a functional aspect as well. There is nothing better than snuggling up after a long day under a comfortable throw rug with a warm tea or hot chocolate. We recommend using neutral toned throw rugs and blankets if you have opted for coloured cushions to create a subtle backdrop. If you have used tonal or subdued colours in your cushions, we recommend using your throw rugs to create a pop of colour. For a casual and relaxed vibe simply drape the throw rugs over the sofa or bed in an ‘undone’ fashion or neatly fold them for a sophisticated and luxe look. Some of our favourite retailers to find amazing throw rugs and blankets in at Homemaker The Valley are Adairs, The Sheridan Outlet and Freedom.

Bed Linen & Bath Towels

Bed linen and bath towels can also fall into the category of soft furnishings and should not be forgotten when creating the perfect colour and style in your cosy home. For bedding inspiration pop into The Sheridan Outlet or Adairs as they have some beautiful beds made up with every detail considered down to the sheets, pillowcases, quilt cover, throw rugs and varying cushion sizes. We recommend including all of the above to create the dreamiest bed that gives you a ‘hotel’ vibe at home all year round. Colour is huge in bed linen and bath towels at the moment so go for bold tones and patterns that flow from the bedroom to the bathroom. Our favourite combinations include mustard, burnt orange and blush or forest green and wine-red.

Floor Rugs

Floor rugs are an essential part of designing a room as they bring everything together, create a boundary and add warmth to a space. Always choose a rug that is slightly larger than you initially thought as there is nothing that looks more off balance than a small rug floating in the middle of a room. Opt for a rug that allows you to sit the majority of your furniture pieces on top. For example, in a living room the sofa and occasional chairs should always be sitting approximately one third or halfway onto the rug with the coffee table in the center. This allows for the space to feel grounded and cohesive. We love using neutral toned rugs as it allows you to switch up the colour palette of your furniture, homewares and accessories with ease. Here at Homemaker The Valley we have some amazing stores with beautiful rugs such as Deco Rug, Carpet Call, James Lane, Freedom and more! We look forward to seeing you soon!



10 Essential Items For A Cosy Living Room

The living room is one of the most well-used and in demand spaces in the home. We spend time congregating as a family, enjoying bonding time with partners, playing games with children and watching our favourite movies. As such, it is a space that needs to feel cosy, warm, welcoming and inviting. As the months are getting cooler here in Brisbane, we are finding ourselves gravitating towards the living room and spending quality amounts of time in there with our loved ones. Below we are sharing our essential items to make your living room feel cosy and welcoming and give you an insight on where you can pick these up at Homemaker The Valley!


1. Comfortable Seating Options
As the living room is used by all members of the household and is a multifunctional space, a variety of comfortable seating options are essential. Starting with the sofa, this piece must be comfortable for lounging on over long periods of time and be large enough for a few family members. We recommend going for a fabric instead of a leather to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. Pair your comfortable sofa with one or two occasional chairs to allow for more seating options. Ensure your occasional chairs have high backs and deep seats to allow for reclining and ultimate relaxation. Some great retailers to check out at Homemaker The Valley for sofas and occasional chairs are Plush, Nick Scali, James Lane and Freedom to name a few.

2. Throw Rugs
Throw rugs and blankets are a key element for creating a cosy vibe in your living room. Having an assortment of soft blankets draped over the sofa or in a basket within easy reach not only creates a decorative accent, but allows you to snuggle up throughout the cooler months. We love Adairs new range of throw rugs and blankets in gorgeous Autumnal hues of pink, mustard, green and burnt orange.

3. Scent
The scent of a room completely transforms a space and allows you to have fun with creating a variety of moods. For a cosy living room vibe, we recommend going for scents that invoke a warm and fuzzy feeling such as freshly baked cookies, vanilla caramel or cashmere and linen. For a more sophisticated, yet cosy atmosphere we recommend using scents with notes of amber, sage and sandalwood. Scent can be used not only through burning candles, but room sprays and diffusers too! Pick one up from stores such as Freedom, Adairs or Provincial Homes Living.

4. Baskets
Baskets are an essential storage solution for most rooms of the home, in particular the living room. You can pick up a range of different sized baskets from most of our retailers in an assortment of textures, colours and finishes. Baskets can be used to store items such as blankets, cushions, magazines, books or games.

5. Coffee Or Side Table
A coffee or side table is a non-negotiable when designing a living room. Where else are you going to place your warm cup of coffee, chai latte or hot chocolate? If your living room is on the smaller size, we recommend forgoing the coffee table and using side tables to allow for storage and convenience. Many of our retailers have some amazing coffee table and side table options in great quality timbers and stone finishes such as Provincial Home Living, Early Settler and Oz Design Furniture.

6. Books
In our opinion, there is nothing better than curling up on a comfy sofa, snuggled under a blanket, a hot drink in hand and a good book. To create a cosy living room ensure you have some great reading material on hand that you can flick through when you are in need of some inspiration or to be transported to another place or time. Books not only allow for entertainment but make beautiful home décor pieces and create talking points when entertaining guests.

7. A Tray Of Essentials
When relaxing and winding down in a living room it is essential to have everything within easy reach. We recommend adding a tray to your coffee table with everyday items that you gravitate towards such as candles, matches, coasters, books and anything else you need to create a cosy space.


8. A Large Rug
Rugs are a key design piece in a living room as they not only define the space but bring it together cohesively. When selecting a rug, it is important to choose a size that is large enough to go under most furniture pieces such as your sofa, occasional chairs and coffee table. To create a warm and cosy vibe we recommend opting for textures in a soft wool or woven fabric that feel comfortable underfoot. Homemaker The Valley has some great retailers that offer rugs in a huge range of sizes, fabrics and colours. Some of our favourites are Deco Rug, The Rug Establishment and Carpet Call.

9. Comfy Cushions
When selecting cushions for your living room ensure you choose designs that are simple and free of embellishments. Opt for large, comfortable cushions in fabrics such as linen, cotton and faux fur. Cushions are a great way to add a pop of colour to the space and allow you to switch up a scheme with the changing of the seasons. Alternatively, we love the look of a variety of neutral tones in varying textures to create a simple and calming feel. Head into Adairs, Freedom or Provincial home Living for a beautiful range of cushions in a number of different fabrics, patterns and colours!

10. Lighting Options
As we mentioned above, the living room is a zone in the house that is multipurpose and used for a variety of activities. As such, it is essential to have a few options when it comes to lighting. We recommend using dimmers for your overhead lighting to allow for an easy mood-change. Table lamps and floor lamps are important for a living room for task lighting when reading a book or magazine. Some of our amazing retailers offering beautiful lighting options are Freedom, Oz Design Furniture and Provincial Home Living – head in store today!


How To Decorate: Modern Coastal Style

The next interior design style we will be focusing on in our ‘How To Decorate’ series is the ‘Modern Coastal Style’. Most of us crave a laid back and stress-free life that is stereotypically associated with the coastal lifestyle, but only few of us are lucky to live by the beach. Through interior design and decorating choices in our homes we can introduce this design aesthetic and emulate the feeling of being on holidays at all times. Your home should be a reflection of your values and a tranquil escape that you can retreat to at the end of a busy day. The coastal design style has always been popular throughout history for its relaxed vibe and fuss-free look, but it’s time to take a dive into how it has evolved and what we are seeing today. Below we have summarised the key colours, furniture pieces, accessories and overall aesthetic for you to achieve the ‘Modern Coastal Style’ in your own home. Don’t forget to head into a number of our retailers at Homemaker The Valley to see this style in person and be inspired today!



Colour Palette

Gone are the days of a typical blue, yellow and white colour scheme that is commonly associated with a coastal interior design style. The colour palette we suggest using for a modern coastal look in your home is a mixture of warm neutrals and soft accent colours. Incorporate tones such as white, beige and soft grey as the predominant setting for the overall colour scheme. Offset these natural tones with a subtle pop of colour through muted blues and greens like sage and duck egg blue. Coastal style homes have a flowy and natural feel, so we recommend using the same tones throughout the entire home to ensure an overall cohesive look. Ensure all elements of your home nod to this colour palette from the flooring to the bathroom tiles to the furniture and accessories.


Key Furniture Pieces

There are specific furniture materials that are synonymous with a modern coastal interior design style. These include furniture predominantly made from cane, wicker, rattan and timber in warm honey tones. Offset these statement furniture textures with soft fabrics in whites and neutral tones for your larger furniture items such as the sofa or bedhead. We love the look of a white linen sofa, cane occasional chairs and a timber coffee table for a living room to create an overall relaxed coastal vibe. Opt for timber when selecting furniture pieces such as the dining table, entertainment unit and buffet in light oak-toned timbers. The modern coastal style is popular throughout a number of different stores at Homemaker The Valley at the current time. We recommend heading into retailers such as Freedom, Oz Design Furniture, James Lane and Early Settler to find a number of key furniture pieces in this style at any budget.


All About The Accessories

The modern coastal design style is all about the accessories! By keeping your furniture natural and the colour palette simple, you can have fun with a variety of accessories. Modern coastal design is an affordable, yet beautiful style as it is truly the home décor accessories, soft furnishings and finishing touches that create and elevate this look. We recommend including decorative pieces such as dried flowers or pampas grass in a variety of textured pots or vases in white and beige shades. Plants are also a great way to create a relaxing, coastal vibe, so we recommend adding some beautiful greenery in terracotta or white pots to a few rooms of the house. To create the ultimate relaxed and ‘un-done’ coastal style we suggest adding plenty of cushions to your sofa in varying ombre tones. Adairs and Freedom are currently stocking some amazing decorative pieces that pair perfectly with this design style, so head in store today to start bringing this look together in your own home.

Using Texture

Texture is a key element of the modern coastal style and can be used throughout the home to create interest and evoke a feeling of calm and tranquillity. As the colour palette for this style of decorating is quite neutral, it is essential to create interest through textures, patterns and different materials. We suggest choosing fabrics for cushions, throw rugs and bed linen in a variety of linen with varying tones of colour. For example, a white quilt cover pairs perfectly with warm terracotta cushions and a soft beige throw rug. When choosing a rug for your living room or dining room we recommend opting for a jute or flatweave style to create a casual and comfortable vibe. Tassels and frayed edges are popular for a costal look, so try incorporating cushions or rugs with a tassel or two! Texture can be seen through furniture as well by using cane, rattan and wooden pieces as mentioned above. Head to some of our amazing retailers to check out their textural furniture and homewares such as Provincial Home Living, Adairs and Oz Design Furniture.


The Essential Guide On How To Style Your Home

Unless you’re an interior designer, it can be tricky trying to style your home by yourself. Numerous elements come into play when styling a home, including room size and orientation, wall colour, lighting, functionality and purpose. But don’t worry, we’ve put together an essential guide on how to style every room in your home.



How To Style Your Bathroom

It doesn’t matter if you have a modern or old-fashioned bathroom; the way you style your bathroom will be the same. Use accessories like matching towels, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and potted plants to make a statement. If you have a plain bathroom, choose colourful accessories and if your bathroom has a lot of patterns and shapes, keep your accessories simple to not overwhelm the room.

Plants really come alive in a bathroom, so make sure to include greenery in some form. Hanging planter baskets are a great way to incorporate plants without taking up valuable vanity space, while plant stands will make your bathroom seem more spacious as they don’t sit flush on the ground. Play with plants of different textures and varieties to make the most of your bathroom space.

How To Style Your Kitchen

Often referred to as the heart of a home, the kitchen is a high-traffic area, therefore, any styling decisions need to make sure the flow and functionality of the space are not interrupted. If you have an open plan area where the kitchen, dining room and living room meet, the kitchen should also take styling cues from these other spaces to create a cohesive style across your home.

Kitchens should be free from clutter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t display your favourite kitchen items. Hang cheese boards or your favourite coffee mugs from hooks and keep stylish kitchen appliances like electric mixers or cake platters on display on shelving or benchtops.

Adding greenery to your kitchen is a great way to bring it to life. Popular kitchen plants include philodendron which looks amazing hanging off exposed shelves or think about what herbs you like to use when you cook and add them to a small pot. If you don’t have a green thumb, use fresh or dried flowers to get the same effect.

Rather than trying to have everything in your kitchen match, play with different colours and shades to give your kitchen more warmth. If you have a mainly white kitchen, a statement fruit bowl or vase will add a much-needed pop of colour. If you have a dark kitchen, try and add light coloured accessories and kitchenware to brighten it up.

How To Style Your Living Room

As one of the most used rooms in the home, the living room needs to find the balance between functionality and style as well. Whether it is used as a playroom, entertaining area or relaxation space, you should style it in a way that doesn’t detract from its primary purposes.

It’s very easy to think of the television as the main star of the living room, but as a plain black box, it shouldn’t be the focus. Your focus in the living room should be around people interacting which means arranging your sofas or armchairs in a way that allows conversations to flow. You may be surprised with how much of a difference it makes when your furniture isn’t all pointed at the television. We recommend adding soft furnishings like cushions and throws to sofas and armchairs to bring a sense of cosiness and warmth to the space.

Storage is an important part of any living room, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Adding a large buffet or entertaining unit can give you the storage you need but also acts as a display piece on which you can place your favourite mementoes or stylish accessories. To avoid making your room seem cluttered, play with negative space, display objects of varying heights together and stick with a colour scheme.

How To Style Your Dining Room

If you’re lucky enough to have a separate dining area, we recommend keeping it simple. When being used, the dining table will be filled with plates, cutlery and food, so you don’t want the rest of the space to look too cluttered, but at the same time, you might wish to storage space to keep special glassware and crockery. We recommend a buffet or sideboard which can also double as a servery, or a display case if you want them to be seen.

As well as downlights, a statement pendant over the dining table can be used as mood lighting. Just make sure you hang it at the right height. Too high, and it may look disproportionate. Too low, and it will interfere with the space when you’re eating at the table. The ideal height is around 60cm over the dining table.

How To Style Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should feel like a sanctuary where you can escape and relax. When you style your bedroom, start with the most important feature – the bed. The style of your bed will dictate the style of the rest of the room, so make sure you keep this in mind when selecting your bed frame. Choose luxurious bed linen that will help you get better sleep and add colour and texture to your bedroom. Layer your blankets, throws and pillows to create an inviting space that you’ll never want to leave!

As for the rest of the bedroom, use the colours in your bed linen to influence the art you choose, your accessories on display and your other soft furnishings like rugs. Choose a few colours from each piece to carry over into the next, so your room looks cohesive, but not too matchy. We love adding accessories like candles, pot plants and baskets to create a stylish bedroom setting.

How To Style a Kids Room

One of the best ways to style your child’s bedroom is to start with classic furniture pieces that will last as they grow, and then add playful accessories on top to create a fun room that will also be functional. Remember to have plenty of storage for toys, books and clothing too.

Creating a theme for your child’s bedroom is always a good idea. Whether they love ballet and princesses, space or the jungle, a feature wall paint colour or wallpaper can create a big statement and will help to set the theme of the room. From there, use soft furnishings, lighting and artwork to really bring the theme to life. Don’t go too overboard, though, as you might end up creating a room that is too distracting for them at bedtime!

How To Style Your Home Office

With more people staying out of the office and working remotely, having a dedicated home office space is more important than ever. It doesn’t have to be a completely separate room; even a study nook will do if you have limited space.

Your home office should be designed with productivity in mind, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. Start by finding a desk in a finish you like. This could be plain white or black, glass or some sort of timber. Add desk accessories like magazine holders and pen cups to give you that all-important storage but have fun with their designs as there are so many different prints and finishes available. Remember to think about other home office furniture you might need like shelves and drawers for important documents and extra stationery. Match these to your home office desk, and you’ll find your home office space will look more professional and stylish.

How To Style Your Outdoor Area

Everybody loves an outdoor entertaining area, and it sure does get a workout when the weather warms up. If you have a deck or patio, be sure to add outdoor furniture like an outdoor dining table and chairs, or outdoor lounge set to give you somewhere to dine and relax. If you just have grass, you can use an outdoor rug to create a dedicated entertaining area outside and place furniture or cushions on top.

No outdoor area is complete without a BBQ, so be sure to include one in your plans when styling your space. You can buy a freestanding BBQ or integrate one into your outdoor area to create an outdoor kitchen.

If you want to style your home, but don’t know where to start, Homemaker The Valley offers free home styling sessions. All you need to do is book your home styling session, bring along photos and measurements of the space and our expert interior stylist will spend time getting an insight into the space and your vision. They will then take you through our stores to show you furniture, soft furnishings and accessories that would suit your home.

Homemaker The Valley is the ultimate shopping destination for furniture and home accessories in Brisbane. With over X stores, you’ll find everything you need to style every room in the house. You can shop from popular furniture stores like Domayne and Provincial Home Living, and find the best home accessories from stores like Adairs, Early Settler and Howards Storage World. If you’re looking to furnish your new home, give your old home a makeover or find stylish homeware gifts for friends and family, visit Homemaker The Valley.

Tips & Tricks For Decorating Small Spaces

There is no denying that homes are getting smaller and that there is an art to designing a space that makes a tiny area feel large and spacious. We are seeing the growth in popularity of people foregoing large homes to opt for a smaller apartment that is closer to lifestyle choices that align with their values. There are plenty of ways you can make the most of a small living space and still have a beautifully designed home without sacrificing on storage and overall appearance. Read on for our top tips and tricks for decorating your small spaces!


Draw The Eye Upwards

In small living spaces it is essential to use every aspect of the area and utilise the vertical surfaces in your home. We recommend drawing the eye upwards to create height and give the illusion of a larger space. Try adding some floating shelves with a few decorative items, books and trailing plants or create a gallery wall using some bright artworks and interesting framed prints. Avoid leaving all the walls in a space blank as this will automatically draw the eyes downward and focus on the furniture and items on the floor.



It is a well-known fact the mirrors give the illusion of a larger space, so it is essential to use them in a small home to trick the eye into think it’s bigger! Tall mirrors look great leaning against a wall in a bedroom or living room to make the room feel double the size. We also love a large mirror either leaning or suspended above a console table or buffet unit in a dining room or entry to reflect a gorgeously decorated space. Some of our favourite places to shop for beautiful mirrors at Homemaker The Valley are Provincial Home Living and Oz Design Furniture.


Floating Furniture

We recommend choosing furniture that sits slightly off the ground to create the illusion of a more flowy and open space. When choosing items such as sofas, occasional chairs, console tables and coffee tables, ensure the legs aren’t too ‘heavy’ and ‘chunky’ in appearance. Choose a style that incorporates either a thin, oak leg seen in Scandinavian design or a metal leg that can be used in modern or contemporary homes. Retailers you will find plenty of options for this look are James Lane, Freedom and Early Settler – head in store today!

Consider Lighting

The lighting of a space makes a huge difference when it comes to the perception of size. We always recommend having as much natural light in a small room as possible and opting for lighter window furnishings such as sheer or linen curtains or white venetian blinds to open up the space. If natural light is in short supply, ensure the space is well lit through smartly positioned artificial lighting. Think about overhead lighting and using bright bulbs that create a light and bright space. Adding lighting in through your home décor accessories is a simple way to ensure your space is well lit. For example, using a table lamp in a living room or pendant lights in a kitchen.

Double-Duty Furniture

When designing small homes, it is always essential to choose furniture that not only looks visually appealing but acts as a means of storage. In small bedrooms we recommend choosing bedside tables with drawers or a cupboard and opting for a bed that has built-in storage underneath. In a living room, ensure both your coffee table and entertainment unit have some kind of built-in storage as these pieces take up a large amount of space. Whether this be a simple drawer in a coffee table or an entertainment unit with multiple cupboards; the more storage the better! Great places to look for furniture that is both aesthetically pleasing and has ample storage are Oz Design Furniture, James Lane and Freedom.


Stick To a Colour Palette Throughout

When decorating your home with the intention of making it feel larger, it is essential to have a colour palette that flows throughout the entire house. We automatically think spaces feel smaller if our eyes have dramatic changes in colour, pattern, material and textures. To ensure your home flows effectively we recommend using a base colour of neutrals such as white, beige, grey and black and choosing a couple of accent colours to add as a feature throughout.


Avoid Small Furniture

One mistake we see time and time again when people decorate small living spaces, is choosing furniture that is drastically smaller in size than ‘regular’ furniture. Just because a space is smaller in dimension does not mean you are limited to ‘tiny’ furniture. Choosing small furniture throughout automatically makes the brain think you are in a small space, so we recommend choosing great pieces that will fit comfortably within the space. This may mean you need to sacrifice a few items, but the overall look will be completely worth it! If you have a small living room, we recommend forgoing a coffee table to allow for a larger sofa to relax and seat multiple people on and adding a side table to store remotes and coffee. For a bedroom it may mean adding narrower bedside tables to allow for a large bed with plenty of cushions and a beautiful bedhead. Be sure to measure your space first and map out a few space planning options, to maximise what you can do with the room. If you need help with this, feel free to book in a free styling session with our Resident Stylist, Eliza – head to the ‘Stylist’ tab on our website today!


Add Greenery

We recommend adding plants to most interiors as they not only look great and work perfectly to fill empty voids, but they also purify the air and bring life to a space. Tall plants such as fiddle-leaf figs and birds of paradise are perfect for filling an empty corner of the room, particularly when furniture would appear too bulky and heavy in a space. Plants are a great tool for decorating small living spaces as they are soft, flowy and add a pop of colour to any room!

10 Tips To Inspire A Declutter In Your Home

We all know that over time our homes can build up with clutter right under our noses and before we know it, there is not a spare cupboard or shelf in sight! The word ‘Decluttering’ sounds daunting and thoughts of hours spent trawling through your home without an end in sight spring to mind. But we are here to change that, debunking the fear of decluttering one tip at a time! In today’s blogpost we are sharing our top simple tips for getting your home organised, where to start, which areas to tackle first and solutions to last the long term.


Keep It Simple – Write A List

Grab your favourite beverage, a notepad and a pen and spend an afternoon, an hour or late evening having a slow wander through your home. Starting from the front door, we recommend mindfully taking in each area of your home and assessing what needs decluttering or organising. As you walk through your space, don’t be afraid to look in cupboards, peak under beds and open drawers. You can either write your list per room or break it down into per item, for example, sort junk drawer in entry console table, reorganise linen cabinet, declutter entertainment unit etc. Once you have a list of each area you know needs some work, simply stick it somewhere noticeable (like the fridge) and tick off one item at a time. You don’t need to put any unrealistic timeframes on the project, just tick a few things off now and then and before you know it, you’ll have a clutter-free home!


Think About The Day You May Have To Move

There is nothing scarier when it comes to making excuses about not wanting to de-clutter your home than to think about the day you have to move. Moving house is never fun – the never-ending box packing, wrapping every item you own in newspaper, organising removalists and the back and forth car trips to name a few points of agony. To make life easier for your future self, moving house with fewer belongings is always, we repeat, always easier. This does not mean you have to become a minimalist, just keep this notion in mind when you are sorting through your ‘stuff’ and contemplating keeping certain items.


Create A Pinterest Board

Pinterest is an amazing tool to provide endless inspiration for every aspect of your life from health and wellbeing to style and fashion to interior design and home organisation. Here at Homemaker The Valley we can’t get enough of creating Pinterest boards for every room in the house and visualising our dream home! We recommend creating a board that is completely and solely dedicated to ‘decluttering and home organisation’. Pin images of gorgeous, aspirational spaces and homes that inspire you to take action in yours. We suggest searching for and adding pictures of pantry organisation, kitchen storage solutions, organised linen closests, laundry cabinets and small wardrobe hacks. Make sure and keep all your images ‘semi-realistic’ to ensure they remain inspirational and you can use practical takeaways in your own home.

Live Within The Space Of Your Home

We need to stop dreaming about having a bigger closet, a larger living room or more cupboards in the kitchen. Work with the space that you have and only keep items that fit neatly within your home. If your wardrobe is bursting at the seams this usually means you have too many clothes, not that your wardrobe is too small.


Invest In Functional Furniture

I’m sure we are all guilty of buying a furniture item because we loved the look of it, not because it is the most practical choice. Generally speaking, small furniture is usually a lot more affordable than larger furniture and we can get sucked into purchasing a great looking piece that looks miniature in our home. We commonly see this in furniture pieces such as console tables, entertainment units, dining tables and bookshelves. We recommend spending a bit longer saving and mulling over your purchase in order to buy a piece that allows you the maximum storage for your space and looks in proportion with the room. Check out some of our amazing retailers for great quality pieces such as Freedom, Provincial Home Living, James Lane, Oz Design Furniture and many more!


Will a Capsule Wardrobe Work For Me?

Wardrobes are often one of the biggest pain points in a home when it comes to organising and decluttering. The most common issue is that we often have too many items, old clothing we no longer wear, impractical pieces that don’t work together or a combination of all of the above! If you haven’t heard of a ‘capsule wardrobe’ it is essentially streamlining your clothing, so it is made up of pieces that are interchangeable and all work well together. It is the art of having a small amount of quality clothing and using it effectively. Not only is this great for the environment and your wallet, but it also allows your wardrobe space to remain clutter-free and organised at all times.

Use A Rewards System

With the list you created of all the areas in your home that need some work in one of our earlier tips, it is time to make ticking them off worthwhile! If you are struggling to find inspiration to declutter, then try implementing a rewards system for yourself or your family. For example, if you spend the evening reorganising your linen cupboard, then you can treat yourself with your favourite takeaway on uber eats. Or if the entire family chips in and spends the afternoon going through all their wardrobes, you all get a trip to the movies! Think of fun ways that a ‘not-so-fun’ task can become more rewarding and inspiring to take action!

Change Your Mindset

Time and time again we hear people state that they identify as ‘hoarders’ and ‘can never change’. Once you start believing you can have a clutter-free home, your actions will follow. It is possible for anyone to reduce their clutter and have a more organised home, you simply have to change your mindset and believe in yourself!


Implement The One-In-One-Out Rule

The ‘One-in-one-out’ rule is a common system used by organisers and de-cluttering pioneers everywhere. It is a super simple system that you put in place to ensure your home does not build up clutter and stays streamlined at all times. Essentially every time you purchase an items for your home, be it furniture, homewares, clothing, shoes etc, you need to donate, sell or get rid of a similar item. Super simple right!?


Storage Solutions For The Long Term

Once you have de-cluttered your home or space, you can move on to the fun part – sourcing and shopping for storage solutions that will work with the remaining items you have. This step must always be done last, so you know the exact number of solutions you need and what your home is lacking. We recommend simple hacks such as using clear jars of varying sizes and timber or plastic containers and boxes for your pantry and fridge. We also suggest adding baskets to cupboards to keep like-minded items together and avoid any build up. There are so many stores at Homemaker The Valley that offer great storage solutions such as Howard’s Storage World, Freedom, Provincial Home Living and Adairs. You can also have a scroll through the Homemaker The Valley website for more inspiration on home organisation tips and tricks!


Decorating Your Home For Summer

Summertime in Australia is the season for entertaining guests, holidaying at home, enjoying the sunshine and spending time with loved ones. It is often the season that we will have an number of guests passing through our homes for Christmas gatherings, festive lunches, holiday drinks and more, so it is essential they are up to scratch! Here at Homemaker The Valley we pride ourselves on providing inspiration    for every area of your home whether that be your outdoor entertaining space, the formal dining room or the living room where time is spent with the ones you love. There are a few things you can do this Summer to ensure you have everything you need when entertaining guests, create a welcoming space you enjoy spending time in and decorate in a way that brings you joy! Read on for our top tips!



Switch To Lighter Fabrics

There is no denying that Summer in Australia, especially Queensland can be unbearably hot! Our homes need to reflect the climate, yet also create a comfortable and cosy atmosphere without leaving us feeling hot and bothered. We suggest packing away any faux fur throws, fluffy cushions and other heavy fabrics and try incorporating textures such as linen and light cottons in their replacement. Adairs offer an amazing array of linen cushions in a variety of colours that are perfect for lounging on the sofa in this hot climate. We also recommend having a few light cotton or linen blend throw rugs for when you need a bit more warmth or cosiness on Summer evenings.


Add Pops Of Colour

Adding pops of colour and vibrant sunny tones to your home interior is far from a new concept, but it really does when creating a Summery and welcoming atmosphere in your home. A modern take on adding a pop of colour into your abode is to use subtle tones such as blush pinks, sage greens, dusty blues and warm oranges. These tones pair perfectly with the neutral colours and textural pieces that are popular in current design trends such as rattan, stone, cane and timber. Try adding pops of colour through your home décor accessories, accent furniture or soft furnishings. For the safe option we recommend switching out your home décor accessories to some colourful cushions or adding a gorgeous pastel vase with brightly coloured flowers. If you are feeling a bit more daring, try adding an occasional chair or ottoman in a fun shade such as ocean blue or olive green! Freedom and Oz Design Furniture have some great new season options, so head in store today!

Update Your Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is often an afterthought when decorating your home as people understandably place more emphasis on the interiors as this is where we spend most of our time. However, summertime in Australia involves a lot of outdoor entertaining, so it essential you have great seating options, functional furniture items and pieces that are easy to clean and ready for use at any given time! If you are a lover of dinner parties, try hosting your next soiree outside as there are some amazing outdoor dining table and chair combinations on the market. We recommend checking out Early Settler for some outdoor dining inspiration and great package deals! If you have some functional pieces already, but are looking to freshen up your space, try adding some colourful cushions or decorative accessories to breathe life into your outdoor area. Don’t forget to head into Remarkable Furniture next time you are visiting Homemaker North for some amazing pieces!



Ensure Your Entertaining Items Are Up To Date

Summer in Australia coincides perfectly with the holiday season, Christmas and the biggest time of year for entertaining and having friends and family over to your humble abode. To ensure you are never left high and dry when the unexpected guest pops by, we recommend stocking up on a few essentials to get you through. Check you have enough serving platters or decorative plates that can cater to a number of different group sizes and a variety of food types. We also recommend ensuring your bar cart is stock with items such as cocktail shakers, stirrers, straws, ice buckets and a combination of glass options. Kitchen Warehouse offer a range of different cooking, serving and entertaining essentials in a variety of different styles, so don’t forget to stop by next time you are at Homemaker The Valley!

Summer Fragrance

Fragrance can make a huge difference in how a home feels and the atmosphere it portrays. We suggest changing your scents with the different seasons that pass to evoke the senses, create a specific vibe or bring memories of nostalgia. Scent is something that guests will always comment on and notice upon first entering your home, so have fun with different fragrances and change it up as and when you please! For Summer, we recommend opting for lighter fragrances such as coconut and lime, fresh linen, basil and mandarin or jasmine and gardenia. These are popular summery scents that can be found in both diffusers and candles from some of our fabulous retailers such as Provincial Home Living, The Sheridan Outlet and Freedom.


Remember that Summer time is there to be enjoyed, so have fun in your home, don’t take it too seriously and enjoy experimenting with different colours and textures!