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Harvest home: how to achieve an Australian farmhouse

As the air takes on a crisp edge and autumn hits, there’s something inviting about the idea of nestling into a space styled with a modern farmhouse aesthetic – it’s homely, cosy, and above all else, comfortable (all of which are exactly what one needs during the autumn months).

At its core, the farmhouse style is all about celebrating the beauty of imperfection. Reclaimed wood, industrial fixtures, and vintage-inspired décor come together to create a space that feels lived in and loved. While the term farmhouse might make you think of rolling fields and rustic barns, you don’t actually need to live anywhere near a farm to pull off the trend. With a few key elements, a keen eye for detail, and a trip to Homemaker The Valley, you can transform any space into a harvest home.

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Defining farmhouse style

Before hitting the store it’s important to understand exactly what modern farmhouse style is so that you can easily identify pieces that will work for you.

Farmhouse style is refreshingly uncomplicated with a homespun charm that instantly puts you at ease. Décor pieces are to be chosen carefully, with a nod to history and antiques. Think barn-style furnishings such as wooden chairs combined with industrial-inspired fixtures like lights, trims, and handles. The beauty of farmhouse style lies in balance, so be sure not to go overboard and remember to keep a minimal approach.

Key elements for the Australian farmhouse

If you’re on the hunt for some key furniture pieces to suit this trend, be sure to select items for their durability and comfort. Practicality is key – comfortable seating and ample storage solutions will make everyday living a breeze. Whereas for décor, less is often more. We recommend keeping patterns simple and understated, opting for some open shelving that displays natural elements like dried flowers, woven baskets, and pottery.

Colour palette: a nod to nature

The farmhouse style tends to favour natural hues inspired by the great outdoors. While white and black are always popular choices, there’s plenty of room to explore shades of brown, deep greens, and soft beige. You can showcase many of these colours through furniture made from natural materials like timber and stone. Find out how you can use colour to create various atmospheres and moods within your home in our colour psychology lowdown.

Now that you know the basics of modern farmhouse style, it’s time to transform your space! Be sure to head in centre at Homemaker The Valley to discover an array of furnishings and décor that can help you bring this trend to life. 

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baby nursery decor

Little wonders: how to prepare a nursery

Expecting parents have a lot to consider when waiting for a baby to arrive. There are hospital bags to pack, car seats to install, baby showers to plan, and diapers to buy – and that’s all before there’s a tiny human to raise! However, one of the most exciting tasks to ponder before your newborn arrives has got to be the baby nursery decor; the design, theme, and purchasing all the essentials. 

The nursery is about to be a place where you’ll spend many hours of your time for feeding, changing, or putting your little one to sleep (or should we say attempting to). So, you’ll want to invest some much-needed time, effort, and funds into ensuring your nursery is decked out exactly how it should be. 

We want you to have one less thing to worry about when your newborn arrives, so we’ve compiled everything you need to know into one place. Read on to learn all about navigating your new nursery.

baby nursery decor, rocking chair, storage baskets, cot, dressing cabinet, rug

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Designing your baby nursery

There are four main factors to consider when designing your nursery – the placement of the cot, glider, changing table, and storage drawers. 

Furniture Placement

The cot should be positioned first and should be placed away from any windows or doors to limit temperature changes, air drafts, and light exposure. Next up, place your glider (aka feeding chair) into a corner nook, ensuring it has enough space around it to rock. Once the cot and chair are placed, slot the drawers and changing table in the leftover space. 

Tip: For those who are working with a smaller space, we recommend using your chest of drawers as a changing table as well. 


Now that all the key pieces are appropriately placed, it’s time to sort out the lighting. Having a dark room will promote the release of melatonin (the hormone that helps us to both fall asleep and stay asleep). So, be sure to purchase block-out blinds as these will keep the room dark for both nap time and night time. You’ll also want to limit any artificial light such as baby monitors – place these away from the cot so that the light isn’t in the baby’s line of sight when they’re in the cot. 

Our guide to baby nursery décor

Now onto the fun part – the décor! Before getting carried away with an elaborate theme, it’s important to keep in mind the top priority of a nursery and that’s for it to be conducive to sleep. You’ll want your newborn to be exposed to as little stimulation as possible, so avoid using too many decorative pieces that can distract them. Refrain from placing toys or hanging mobiles in and above the cot, in fact, we recommend no toys in the cot until four months of age, which also happens to be the optimal time to introduce a comforter. 

This doesn’t mean you can’t have a super stylish nursery – you can still stick to a colour palette so the room is cohesive with the rest of your home. Start with a neutral base for the furniture and then add accent lighting, wallpaper, artwork, rugs, and more. Even if tastes change, your accent pieces can easily be swapped out while keeping large investment pieces the same. 

Tip: incorporate thick pile rugs and drapes throughout the room to help absorb outside noise. 

The nursery essentials

Lastly, it’s time to ensure you have all the essentials for a functional nursery. First up, it’s important to baby-proof the room – secure blinds and electrical cords, keep any medicines out of reach, and set up a baby monitor. 

Next, purchase a white noise machine (this will help silence your baby’s built-in alarm clock by drowning out all outside noises during vulnerable phases of light sleep), a swaddle (to make your baby feel safe and comforted), a dim nightlight (to help navigate night time feeding), and of course, nappies, bedding, toys, and clothes. 

There you have it! We hope this helps you style your nursery for your newborn. Be sure to download our first-time parent nursery checklist here to better prepare you for the arrival of your little one.

Christmas home décor

Deck the Halls: How to Decorate Your Space With Style This Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and as Christmas 2023 rolls around, we’re eagerly awaiting the chance to hang out with our favourite people, soak in the festive vibes, and enjoy the holiday cheer. But with all these family gatherings and merry celebrations on the cards, it’s also time to get your abode ready to entertain with Christmas home decor.

Need some ideas? Here’s the ultimate roundup of essential Christmas home decorations to get you through the holiday season – from festive décor to tableware, we haven’t forgotten a thing.

Christmas home décor

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Want to upstage your 2022 Christmas tablescape? Then a few new additions are a must! Plus, who doesn’t love setting the table for the holidays? It’s a festive and fun activity, especially when the entire family gathers around to indulge in a feast afterwards!

First and foremost, a centrepiece! This year, we recommend keeping it simple by opting for a simple tealight ornament or some fresh flowers arranged in a gorgeous vase. Keep in mind that larger centrepieces are often removed once everyone is seated and the food is served, so consider a reasonable height to ensure it can stay on the table.

Next up, glassware! Yep, it’s time to ditch the paper cups (apologies to the clean up crew!). But glassware truly makes all the difference; it will transform your table from drab to fab, adding a touch of luxury and opulence to a day full of celebration and unity.

The rest of your table should follow a theme – whether it be woodlands, traditional, or vibrant colours. Be sure to complete the look with placemats, ceramic plates, cutlery, napkins, bon bons, and even name tags.

Home scents

Often overlooked, yet undeniably essential – we’re talking about holiday home scents, of course! There’s no doubt that Christmas somehow has an aroma, a nostalgic combination of freshly baked sugar cookies, gingerbread, cherries, and pinecones.

So, what better way to fill your home with festive spirit than with a distinctive scent that encapsulates Christmas? We recommend the Glasshouse Fragrances White Christmas candle – it smells divine! Burn the candle throughout the season and then when Christmas rolls around next year, find a new festive scent to fill your home with!

Traditional décor

It wouldn’t be Christmas home décor without some traditional pieces! We’re talking about Christmas trees, wreaths, tree hangings, and other novelty motifs. Be sure to keep all the pieces within an overall theme – even if it’s just a colour scheme like pale green, pink, red, and gold. This way your home will feel cohesive from when your guests walk through the door all the way through to the dining area and living space.

Subtle additions

It’s important to note that Christmas home décor doesn’t necessarily have to be cliché. In fact, it could be super subtle with the ability to be repurposed throughout the year. How? Choose throw blankets and pillows that stick within your colour scheme but don’t have any Christmas messaging or symbols. We recommend the same approach when it comes to decorative accessories. For example, fresh eucalyptus is inherently Australian but also festive. Plus, get longevity by using pieces that not only suit Christmas, but the entirety of summer, too.

We know that planning for Christmas can be a really big deal! Everyone wants their home to feel stylish and welcoming all while maintaining that festive vibe. Luckily, achieving this balance is simpler than ever this year with Homemaker The Valley. Find all your fave holiday home décor essentials under one roof. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and happy decorating!

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Organise Your Fridge

Organise Your Fridge This Spring at Kitchen Warehouse

Spring is the perfect time for a kitchen refresh and what better place to start than with a fridge organisation? Kitchen Warehouse at Homemaker Fortitude Valley is the perfect place to begin your journey when planning and sourcing your products for a fridge makeover. Not only does having an organised fridge look beautiful, but it allows for a more functional and systemised approach to mealtimes and planning around a busy family life. Today we are sharing our step-by-step process and suggestions on the exact products you need to create a more functional and organised fridge.


Take Inventory & Assess

The first step we recommend when planning a fridge organisation is to take inventory of all the items you currently store and throw out any expired products. This allows you to see what items you are working with and asses what the best storage solutions will be. Once you have a list of your most commonly used items and the products you would like to store, we suggest wiping out the interior of your fridge and completing a freezer defrost to ensure you are starting with a clean and refreshed slate. During this process it is essential to take measurements of the height, width, and depth of your fridge shelving and storage compartments to ensure any products purchased will fit perfectly. Now comes the fun part of shopping for your fridge organisation essentials!


Drawer Organisers

Drawer organisers are the shining star when it comes to organising your fridge as they allow you to categorise and separate your items into like-minded goods. We love the Kitchen Pro clear drawer organiser from Kitchen Warehouse which comes in a variety of sizes to suit your fridge requirements. Simply line a few of these side by side on a shelf to separate and categorise your food accordingly. Drawer organisers are perfect for storing items such as cheese, meats, yogurt pouches and condiments.


Glass Containers

Provincial Home Living and Howard’s Storage at Homemaker Fortitude Valley are great destinations for home organisation, and we recommend heading in to check out their great range of storage containers. Glass containers are perfect for storing items such as leftovers, cut-up vegetables, salads and more to ensure they stay fresh for longer. We love the Lock and Lock rectangular containers from Howard’s as they are perfect for stacking and are a great space-saving solution. The Parson range of glass containers at Provincial Home Living is another great storage solution as they come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Glass containers are a great fridge organisation tool as they are not only practical, but they are easy to clean and keep your food safe and fresh.



Turntables are another great storage solution to utilise when organising your fridge this Spring. We suggest selecting a clear turntable to match with the drawer organisers like the Kitchen Pro turntable from Kitchen Warehouse. We suggest having one turntable dedicated to spreads and breakfast items and another for condiments and sauces. Turntables allow for easy access and are a functional solution for categorising your everyday products.



Once you have purchased all your storage solutions, categorised your food into like-minded items and organised accordingly, the last step is to label. To ensure your food items are placed back in their correct home and to make unloading the grocery shopping a breeze, labelling is an essential step. We suggest using black or white sticker labels and placing them on the front of the drawer organisers with categories such as ‘snacks’, ‘meat’, ‘cheese’ etc. This encourages the entire family to participate in putting items back where they came from and maintaining an organised kitchen and fridge.

Having an organised fridge allows for a streamlined and more functional process when preparing meals for the family and unloading groceries at the end of a busy day. So next time you’re in Fortitude Valley be sure to head into the centre to discover all your home organisation needs. If you’d like an extra helping hand in selecting the perfect kitchen organisation products, then book in for your free styling session with our resident stylist. We look forward to seeing you at the centre soon!