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coastal hamptons style

Tips to Create a Coastal Hamptons-Style Home

People have been taking interior design inspiration from the Hamptons for decades now and we’re not seeing it fade in popularity anytime soon. We are however, seeing the iconic coastal Hamptons style evolve and take on new variations, thanks to interior lovers adding more modern and fresh pieces into the mix. If you’re a fan of the Hamptons interior design aesthetic and are looking to bring it into your home, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve pulled together our best tips to incorporate the coastal Hamptons interior style into your home, so you know exactly how to emulate the luxurious beach style in your own space.

Feature natural furniture

When selecting furniture pieces for a coastal Hamptons style aesthetic, it’s essential to opt for classic shapes and styles. Go for furniture in light to medium toned timbers or a classic white shade, that will blend perfectly with the neutral colour palette a coastal Hamptons style home requires (more on this later!). Coastal Hamptons furniture pieces should have a classic shape and include details like turned legs, natural-looking blemishes, and curved edges. Try to avoid furniture that has harsh lines or is made up of reflective or glossy finishes — the more natural the better! We recommend heading in to some of our gorgeous stores such as Provincial Home Living, Freedom, or Eureka Street Furniture where you will find pieces that will fit perfectly within this design style.

coastal hamptons style

coastal hamptons style


Cleanse your colour palette

One of the key aspects of a coastal Hamptons-style home is using a bright and fresh colour palette that includes a variety of neutral tones. For a modern take on this trend, we recommend including some warm tones such as tan, terracotta, blush, and cream in your decorative accessories. This will add a touch of warmth to your space, without fully deviating from the iconic Hamptons style you’re going for. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to lean towards a more traditional look, then add pops of light blue, navy blue, or pale green to your colour palette through soft furnishings such as cushions, throw rugs, curtains and rugs or decorative accessories such as vases, books, and artwork. Adairs has an incredible selection of cushions and throw rugs in beautiful blue hues that’ll really emphasise the beachy aesthetic that’s synonymous with the Hamptons.

Search for soft accessories

To keep the Hamptons trend feeling modern and contemporary, try adding some more subtle decorative accents to your space such as pampas grass, white textured coral, and artwork in soft neutral tones. They’ll still give off the vibe of a relaxing coastal oasis without being too on the nose. Other decorative accents to include in your coastal Hamptons-style home are large textured terracotta pots, throw rugs in chunky cable knits, and soft pastel linens to breathe a bit of extra life into your space. Pastel tea towels can also help upgrade your kitchen into a more coastal Hamptons style kitchen, which always looks divine! Head into stores like Early Settler, Provincial Home Living, Freedom and Oz Design to browse their gorgeous home décor accessories that will work perfectly with the iconic Hamptons style.

Take it outside

When we think about the coastal Hamptons style, we usually think of bright white spaces, with warm neutrals that give off a fresh and clean vibe. One aspect that’s often forgotten about when styling a Hamptons-style home is the exterior design. If you’re able to, try painting the outside of your home in a cool white shade or off-white tone such as eggshell it’ll breathe new life into your home and most certainly catch the eye of your neighbours. If you’ve got a veranda, pop a natural-looking coffee table and chairs out there with a small plant, to give yourself a cosy spot to sip on your coffee every morning. A coastal Hamptons style exterior is just another way you can incorporate this iconic design style into your home, and you can pick up a great range of outdoor furniture from Early Settler to really help tie the exterior of your home to its gorgeous interior.

Visit Homemaker The Valley to create coastal Hamptons style at home

There’s nothing more chic than a clean and crisp coastal Hamptons style home and here at Homemaker The Valley, we can help you get everything you need to inject this classic design aesthetic into your space. So, come and visit our friendly retailers so they can help you create the breezy home you’ve always wanted!