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    How To Decorate: Coastal Hamptons Style

    Hamptons style has been the most popular design style over the past five years or so and we are not seeing it fade in popularity anytime soon. We are however, seeing it evolve and take on new variations of the style that bring a more modern and fresh look to the classic design. Blending the two design styles of Coastal and Hamptons together creates a bright, airy and relaxed design style that can work in a variety of homes from large family abodes, to small, compact apartments. Today we are sharing with you our biggest tips for incorporating this style into your own home and what furniture pieces, decorative accessories and colour palettes will work best to achieve this beautiful look. A number of our retailers here at Homemaker The Valley have beautiful pieces that will work perfectly in a Coastal Hamptons Style home. Read on to find out our top tips to incorporate this style today!


    Blending The Two Styles Together

    Coastal design style and Hamptons design style are both gorgeous themes in their own rights, but incorporating them together creates a beautiful, modern and fresh look for your home. So, what aspects do we take from each style and how do we blend them together? Glad you asked! The basis of both design styles is an open airy feel that is created by keeping a vast majority of the walls in the home painted a bright white colour. It is rare that you will see the use of dark colours within these classic styles and we recommend keeping the colour palette light and bright. Another key element of both design styles is the use of natural materials and textures throughout furniture pieces, accessories and soft furnishings.


    Go Classic For Your Furniture

    When selecting furniture pieces for a Coastal Hamptons style it is essential to think long term and opt for classic shapes and styles. We recommend heading into some of our gorgeous stores such as Provincial home Living, Freedom or Eureka Street Furniture where you will find examples of pieces that will fit perfectly within this design style. Go for pieces in light to medium toned timbers or a classic white shade that will pair perfectly with the neutral colour palette the Coastal Hamptons scheme incorporates. Furniture pieces should have a classic shape to them and include details such as turned legs, natural blemishes in the timbers and curved edges. We suggest avoiding furniture that has harsh lines or is made up of reflective or glossy finishes. The more natural the better!

    Colour Palette

    As mentioned above, one of the key design aspects of the Coastal Hamptons style is using a bright and fresh colour palette that includes a variety of neutral tones. For a modern take on this trend we recommend including some warm tones such as tan, terracotta, blush and cream in your decorative accessories. Alternatively, if you’d like to lean towards a more traditional look, then add pops of light blue, navy blue or pale green. We recommend keeping your furniture pieces neutral and adding in colour through your soft furnishings such as cushions, throw rugs, curtains and rugs or decorative accessories such as vases, books and artwork.


    Accessories To Include

    To keep the trend modern and contemporary avoid any typical ‘beachy’ and ‘ocean’ themed accessories. Try adding some more subtle decorative accents such as pampas grass, white textured coral and artwork in soft neutral and blue tones that give off the vibe of a relaxing coastal oasis without being too cliché. Other decorative accents to include in the Coastal Hamptons design style are large textured white or terracotta pots and throw rugs in chunky cable knits or soft linens to bring subtle interest through texture to your space. Head into stores like Early Settler, Provincial Home Living, Freedom and Oz Design Furniture to browse their gorgeous home décor accessories that will work perfectly with this design style.

    Keep It Fresh

    When we think about both the Hamptons and Coastal design styles, we imagine bright white spaces, with warm neutrals that give off a fresh and clean vibe. One aspect to think about when designing a home that is often overlooked is using scent to set the tone of the space. We recommend using diffusers and candles in scents such as freshly washed linen, coconut, citrus, lime or sea salt to finish off the design style and set the tone for your home. You can pick up a great range of scents from stores such as Freedom, The Sheridan Outlet, Adairs and Provincial Home Living to add to your Coastal Hamptons home today!


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