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5 Home Decorating Myths Debunked

We believe that decorating your home should be a fun and enjoyable experience. There can be some conflicting information out there in the interiors and home renovating world as we are bombarded with new material every day. To make your home decorating experience more pleasant we have compiled a list of the most common myths we see when it comes to styling your home. We hope this gives you the confidence to head in-store and start your home decorating journey today!

1. You must stick to one design style

This is probably the biggest myth of them all and is often why people hesitate in starting to redecorate their home or taking a risk in designing a room. Your home should be a reflection of you, the people who reside there, your lifestyle and your personal style. Specific interior design styles such as Hamptons, Provincial, Bohemian, Mid-Century Modern and Farmhouse are there to take inspiration from and incorporate in a way that works for you and your home. We recommend blending a couple of different design styles to create a unique look. The key to a cohesive design is to choose design styles that have similar elements, shapes, textures, and colour palettes. For example, you can easily blend a mixture of Hamptons and Country whilst incorporating a modern twist as they both incorporate a predominately light colour palette and classic shapes. If you would like advice on how to include multiple design styles into your home then you can book in with our Resident Stylist for your complimentary styling session, simply click the ‘Stylist’ tab on our website, or click here now to book.

2. Small rooms need small furniture

A common misconception when decorating and furnishing a small home is that you need to choose small pieces – this is simply not true. When you walk into a room where all the furniture is compact and tiny, you are automatically triggered into thinking the space is small. The trick is to mix ‘normal-size’ pieces and small pieces in a clever way that gives the illusion of space. For example, choosing a regular-sized two-seater sofa, but opting for a smaller round coffee table to balance out the space. In a bedroom, we always recommend choosing a double or queen bed and going for a slightly narrower bedside table option if you are tight on space. Our beautiful retailers have so many great options for furniture that suits both large and small spaces and you can ask them for advice on styling them together in your home too!

3. You shouldn’t mix timbers

Having the same timber throughout an entire space can actually create the look of the dreaded ‘matchy-matchy’ interior. To create a balanced and flowing space that has points of interest, it is essential to incorporate at least two different timber tones. For example, you could opt for a large dining table in a darker walnut timber paired with the legs of the dining chairs and nearby bar stools in a lighter oak timber. The trick is to ensure you have a balance of either 50/50 or 70/30 in terms of percentages of timber throughout the room. Incorporating two different types of timbers is easy and shouldn’t be overthought. Simply make sure you have an even balance and not a small amount of one and a large amount of another. Head into Homemaker The Valley to retailers such as Freedom, Oz Design Furniture and James Lane where you will see some great examples of this displayed.

4. Beautiful homes must have expensive furniture

Designing with expensive furniture in order for a space to look beautiful, is a huge myth in the interior design and decorating world. There are so many wonderful stores offering a variety of affordable price points here at Homemaker The Valley – we have an abundance to choose from! We always recommend investing in quality pieces and ensuring that items such as your sofa, bed, linen, and rugs are considered in terms of the price. Pair these higher ticket items with more affordable soft furnishings and furniture pieces that don’t get a lot of wear and tear such as a console table, entertainment unit or buffet. A beautiful home is created by pairing pieces that complement each other well and are of a high quality, not what the price tag says.



5. You must always include some ‘trend’ pieces

Trends come and go with every season and the trick is to identify which ones resonate with you and your home. We love seeing the gorgeous new homewares and furniture pieces that our retailers bring out here at Homemaker The Valley, but it is about choosing which ones will work with our current interior. We recommend choosing classic styles and avoiding trends when it comes to larger furniture items such as your sofa, bed, dining table and chairs. Where you can experiment with trends and trend colours is in your soft furnishings such as cushions and blankets or artwork for your walls. When purchasing a new item for your home, think about if the colour, shape, and style will match or complement your current interior, if the answer is yes, then go for it!

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