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Our Resident Stylist’s Top Home Styling Tips

Hi, I’m Eliza Grace, the Resident Stylist here at Homemaker The Valley. I offer one on one styling sessions with clients from Thursday through to Sunday, to help you with all your interior design needs. Oh, and did I mention, these are completely free! Through meeting with clients, just like yourself, I have come up with some questions and queries that I get asked time and time again. You are not alone in wondering ‘What size rug fits my living space’, ‘How many cushions should I have on my sofa’ or ‘how do I store all my children’s toys in a stylish way’? Below I am sharing some of my most frequently asked questions during my styling sessions and some insider tips and tricks for styling your home. If you’d like to book in for your free styling session at Homemaker The Valley simply click the ‘Stylist’ tab on our website and choose a timeslot that works for you! I look forward to seeing you soon!


Tip 1 – Choosing Cushions For Your Space

Some of the most frequently asked questions or concerns I have with my styling session clients are ‘How many cushions should I have’, ‘What colours should I choose’ or ‘what size cushions work best’? Cushions are often used to not only add comfort to a sofa or bed, but to inject personality and style into a space. I recommend keeping a neutral palette and adding in a pop of your chosen colour. My golden rule is 2/3 neutral to 1/3 colour! For example, I love working in the rule of thirds, so for each corner of your sofa add two neutral cushions and one coloured cushion. I’m loving combinations such as a warm grey with a sage green or a light beige with pink or mustard. For the bedroom, you could either have a bit more fun or opt for a more subdued colour scheme. I love the look of an all-neutral cushion combo on the bed, creating interest through different textures such as linen, tassels and woven wool. The size of the cushions should balance nicely with the furniture item you are placing them on. My biggest piece of advice is to never choose a cushion that is too small and when in doubt, always layer.

Tip 2 – Decorating Your Coffee Table

Another common concern I discuss with my styling session clients is how to decorate and design a coffee table that is both stylish and functional. It is hard to know where to begin with coffee table styling and I find that most people opt for a blank space, rather than giving it a go. Coffee table styling can be so much fun as it is all about adding personality to the living room and creating points of intrigue. My favourite and non-negotiable items to use for coffee table styling are a beautiful tray, a stack of books, coasters, candles and either a plant or vase of flowers. Depending on the shape of your coffee table you can arrange these in thirds, halves or group them all in the centre for a styled look. Ensure you have some breathing room between items to avoid a cluttered look and always make sure there is some space to place your coffee or drink of choice.

Tip 3 – Choosing The Right Size Rug

On almost every styling session shopping journey we make a stop at Deco Rug or Carpet Call to view their gorgeous ranges. When decorating a room, a rug is an essential aspect of the design in order to bring all items together and ground the space. When adding a rug to the living room I always recommend going slightly larger than you originally intended – the bigger the better! Choose a rug that can be placed approximately 1/3 of the way under your sofa and occasional chairs, with enough space for the coffee table to be placed in the centre. For the dining room, it is essential the rug is large enough so that when a chair is pushed out, it remains on the rug. In the bedroom, I recommend opting for a medium sized rug and placing it either halfway or one third of the way under the end of your bed.

Tip 4 – Stylish Storage Solutions

Choosing storage solutions can be daunting for your home at the best of times. Making sure you have the right size, and the right amount is one thing, but making sure they are stylish and fit in with the interior aesthetic of your home is another. I often take my clients to stores such as Freedom and Adairs to view their range of beautiful baskets and Howard’s Storage World for all their organisational needs. Choose storage items in colourways that complement the palette of your home and stick to neutrals when in doubt. I love using baskets for stylish storage solutions in areas such as the linen cupboard, bathroom vanities, children’s playrooms and the living room. They are the perfect option to store a variety of items in as they offer a quick and easy way to tidy things up in a hurry. Freedom has a gorgeous range of baskets in a variety of colours, patterns and textures to suit any interior design style.

Tip 5 – Adding Stylish Touches To The Bedroom

The bedroom is another area of the home that I often find my styling session clients needing advice on. It can sometimes be a forgotten area of the home as you spend most of your time entertaining, socialising and connecting in the living areas. To make your bedroom feel more inviting and a place you can’t wait to get to at the end of a busy day, use these simple tips and tricks. Make sure your bedding is on point by choosing soft sheets, a fluffy quilt with a beautiful quilt cover and matching cushions to compliment the look. Add some large bedside table lamps to create a design feature, entice you to read before bed and provide a soft lighting option. Add artwork above your bed to create a focal point in the room and bring personality or colour to the space. I recommend finishing the space with a few styled items on your bedside table such as a stack of beautiful books, a trinket tray, candle and a decorative vase with faux or real blooms. Bring the look together and add warmth through a cosy floor rug and your bedroom will be transformed in no time!


If you are wanting more tips and tricks for decorating your home or need help with a particular space, then book in now for your free styling session at Homemaker The Valley. I look forward to seeing you soon and helping you create the home of your dreams!


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