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The Ultimate Guide To Soft Furnishings

The days are getting cooler here in Brisbane and we are finding ourselves snuggling up on our sofas and comfy beds more and more. Now is the perfect time to think about soft furnishings in your home and how you can create a warm and cosy vibe in your space. Soft Furnishings are often thought of as a winter essential, but we are here to tell you that they are a year-round necessity and can be simply switched up with the changing of the seasons. Soft Furnishings can be described as anything from blankets and cushions to floor rugs and bath towels. Below we go into detail for everything you need know about choosing the right textures, colours and finishes to create the perfect, cosy abode.


cosy pillows and cushions on a bed

Textures For Summer

When choosing soft furnishings for summer it is important to think about what they will be used for and what kind of climate you live in. Here in Brisbane, we have unbearably hot summers, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to snuggle up on the sofa. To ensure you stay cool, but still cosy, we recommend opting for fabrics and textures such as linen or cotton in items like cushions or throw rugs. Keep soft furnishings as simple as possible and avoid any items that have embellishments, thick textures or cushions in faux fur. Opt for fabrics and textures that are breathable and allow you to relax and unwind without having to worry about becoming hot and bothered.


warm toned pillows and cushions on a bed

Textures For Winter

Winter is the perfect time to embrace all your favourite soft furnishings and make every room in the house as cosy and comfortable as possible. We have so many amazing stores here at Homemaker The Valley that offer a wide array of soft furnishings in snuggly fabrics such as Adairs, The Sheridan Outlet, Freedom and more! Head in store today for inspiration! In the cooler months we recommend opting for soft furnishing items including cushions and throw rugs in fabrics such as wool, faux fur and cotton blends to ensure they are super warm and cosy. We love layering cushions and throw rugs together on sofas, occasional chairs and beds to give a warm and inviting feel.


colourful patterned cushions and bedspread


Cushions are one of our favourite ways to add colour, texture and cosiness to a space. They are an affordable way to completely change the feel of a room by switching up colours from season to season. When decorating a sofa, we recommend grouping cushions in sets of three to create a pleasing and balanced look. Opt for a variety of sizes for a relaxed feel or use the same size throughout to create a uniform and sophisticated style. When selecting cushions for a sofa or occasional chair that your family or guests will be lounging on it is important to select soft and simple fabrics that are free from embellishments. We love a neutral colour scheme using a variety of tones from the same colour family such as white, flax and greige with a pop of a seasonal colour like mustard or sage. The bedroom is the zone where you can be more experimental with decorative cushions as they can be removed easily when sleeping and added back in when making the bed for a styled look. To create interest, we love adding textured and patterned cushions to the bed in a variety of colours or a completely neutral scheme. Next time you are at Homemaker The Valley you have to check out the Adairs cushion wall to be hit with all the inspiration necessary!

cosy modern bedroom with warm soft furnishings

Throw Rugs & Blankets

Just like cushions, throw rugs are an essential styling tool for the bedroom and living room. Not only do they look great, create interest and inject colour and texture, but they are a functional aspect as well. There is nothing better than snuggling up after a long day under a comfortable throw rug with a warm tea or hot chocolate. We recommend using neutral toned throw rugs and blankets if you have opted for coloured cushions to create a subtle backdrop. If you have used tonal or subdued colours in your cushions, we recommend using your throw rugs to create a pop of colour. For a casual and relaxed vibe simply drape the throw rugs over the sofa or bed in an ‘undone’ fashion or neatly fold them for a sophisticated and luxe look. Some of our favourite retailers to find amazing throw rugs and blankets in at Homemaker The Valley are Adairs, The Sheridan Outlet and Freedom.

soft pillows and blankets

Bed Linen & Bath Towels

Bed linen and bath towels can also fall into the category of soft furnishings and should not be forgotten when creating the perfect colour and style in your cosy home. For bedding inspiration pop into The Sheridan Outlet or Adairs as they have some beautiful beds made up with every detail considered down to the sheets, pillowcases, quilt cover, throw rugs and varying cushion sizes. We recommend including all of the above to create the dreamiest bed that gives you a ‘hotel’ vibe at home all year round. Colour is huge in bed linen and bath towels at the moment so go for bold tones and patterns that flow from the bedroom to the bathroom. Our favourite combinations include mustard, burnt orange and blush or forest green and wine-red.

soft furnishings in a modern living room

Floor Rugs

Floor rugs are an essential part of designing a room as they bring everything together, create a boundary and add warmth to a space. Always choose a rug that is slightly larger than you initially thought as there is nothing that looks more off balance than a small rug floating in the middle of a room. Opt for a rug that allows you to sit the majority of your furniture pieces on top. For example, in a living room the sofa and occasional chairs should always be sitting approximately one third or halfway onto the rug with the coffee table in the centre. This allows for the space to feel grounded and cohesive. We love using neutral toned rugs as it allows you to switch up the colour palette of your furniture, homewares and accessories with ease. Here at Homemaker The Valley we have some amazing stores with beautiful rugs such as Deco Rug, Carpet Call, James Lane, Freedom and more! We look forward to seeing you soon!



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