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The bedroom is one of those areas of the home that should never be neglected. A messy laundry and untidy kitchen drawers are acceptable, but setting the right mood with bedroom décor is undeniably important.   Your bedroom should feel like a place of serenity; a sanctuary away from the rest of the world where your dreams are sweet and your rest is uninterrupted.  Unfortunately, that isn’t the reality for most people. Putting a stop to your midnight worries is a topic for another day, but for now, here are our top tips to transform any bedroom into the ultimate sleep haven.

If you’re a lover of colour, pastel is definitely the way to go for your bedroom.  Bold, contrasting colours can make it difficult to get to sleep and aren’t conducive to a restful environment. This doesn’t mean you have to opt for boring shades. Pastels hit that sweet spot between bright and inviting, while still being calming.  Light toned blues, mustards and dusty pinks like in the Mercer + Reid Jewel Quilt Cover from Adairs will instantly lift a room, making it feel more inviting for some Z’s. Throw pillows and rugs will also add extra plushness and make you want to swan dive right onto your bed at the end of a long day.  One of the most underrated aspects of any sleep haven is lighting.  Harsh, blue light (from your phone and florescent overhead bulbs) decreases the production of melatonin in your brain, the chemical that helps send you off to the land of nod. So put your phone on “do not disturb” mode, switch off those lights and discover the magic of lamps. A gorgeous rose gold Geo Touch Lamp from Beacon Lighting is dim, gives off a warm toned light and is on-trend.

If pastel tones aren’t quite your vibe, cool toned turquoise and deep wooden accents will also help create a shut-eye worthy space. Ample storage is always a necessity in the bedroom, as a cluttered room equals a cluttered mind.  A clean bedside table with only a few accent pieces will make a big difference. Plants are a good option for this surface space as they not only clean the air, but a touch of nature is instantly calming. As well as having clutter free surfaces, keep your bed exclusively for sleeping by incorporating a comfortable sitting chair into your space.  The Elly 1 Seater Sofa from James Lane is perfect for reading and chilling out before bed. This sets a mental boundary for your brain between chill time and sleep time, so when your head hits the pillow, you’re on your way to the big ZZZs.

For a dream-worthy boudoir, neutral shades, slate blues and a myriad of plants will do the trick.  Have greenery hanging as well as in pots to really bring the outdoors in. The range of plants at Early Settler are perfect for those who are after something a little different. The Aloe Vera pot is a beautiful fit for the bedside as the blue tone of the leaves will tie in nicely to a duck egg blue bedspread.  The objective of a bedroom such as this is to evoke light, breezy vibes while oozing effortlessly cool style.  While décor is vital to achieving this look, what underpins it all is a stellar quality mattress. We guarantee you’ll find the perfect mattress at Homemaker the Valley with Forty Winks, Sleepy’s, Snooze and Beds N Dreams all dedicated to helping you get more shut eye. Once you’ve got your dream mattress sorted, make sure to carefully plan out the other décor items around your space. Experiment with where everything in your room fits until it feels most calming and restful.

Your bedroom decorating style has a big influence on how restful your night is. Create a calming environment and you’ll be on your way to a dream filled evening in no time. Destination Sleep Town, population YOU!

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