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    10 Tips To Inspire A Declutter In Your Home

    We all know that over time our homes can build up with clutter right under our noses and before we know it, there is not a spare cupboard or shelf in sight! The word ‘Decluttering’ sounds daunting and thoughts of hours spent trawling through your home without an end in sight spring to mind. But we are here to change that, debunking the fear of decluttering one tip at a time! In today’s blogpost we are sharing our top simple tips for getting your home organised, where to start, which areas to tackle first and solutions to last the long term.


    Keep It Simple – Write A List

    Grab your favourite beverage, a notepad and a pen and spend an afternoon, an hour or late evening having a slow wander through your home. Starting from the front door, we recommend mindfully taking in each area of your home and assessing what needs decluttering or organising. As you walk through your space, don’t be afraid to look in cupboards, peak under beds and open drawers. You can either write your list per room or break it down into per item, for example, sort junk drawer in entry console table, reorganise linen cabinet, declutter entertainment unit etc. Once you have a list of each area you know needs some work, simply stick it somewhere noticeable (like the fridge) and tick off one item at a time. You don’t need to put any unrealistic timeframes on the project, just tick a few things off now and then and before you know it, you’ll have a clutter-free home!


    Think About The Day You May Have To Move

    There is nothing scarier when it comes to making excuses about not wanting to de-clutter your home than to think about the day you have to move. Moving house is never fun – the never-ending box packing, wrapping every item you own in newspaper, organising removalists and the back and forth car trips to name a few points of agony. To make life easier for your future self, moving house with fewer belongings is always, we repeat, always easier. This does not mean you have to become a minimalist, just keep this notion in mind when you are sorting through your ‘stuff’ and contemplating keeping certain items.


    Create A Pinterest Board

    Pinterest is an amazing tool to provide endless inspiration for every aspect of your life from health and wellbeing to style and fashion to interior design and home organisation. Here at Homemaker The Valley we can’t get enough of creating Pinterest boards for every room in the house and visualising our dream home! We recommend creating a board that is completely and solely dedicated to ‘decluttering and home organisation’. Pin images of gorgeous, aspirational spaces and homes that inspire you to take action in yours. We suggest searching for and adding pictures of pantry organisation, kitchen storage solutions, organised linen closests, laundry cabinets and small wardrobe hacks. Make sure and keep all your images ‘semi-realistic’ to ensure they remain inspirational and you can use practical takeaways in your own home.

    Live Within The Space Of Your Home

    We need to stop dreaming about having a bigger closet, a larger living room or more cupboards in the kitchen. Work with the space that you have and only keep items that fit neatly within your home. If your wardrobe is bursting at the seams this usually means you have too many clothes, not that your wardrobe is too small.


    Invest In Functional Furniture

    I’m sure we are all guilty of buying a furniture item because we loved the look of it, not because it is the most practical choice. Generally speaking, small furniture is usually a lot more affordable than larger furniture and we can get sucked into purchasing a great looking piece that looks miniature in our home. We commonly see this in furniture pieces such as console tables, entertainment units, dining tables and bookshelves. We recommend spending a bit longer saving and mulling over your purchase in order to buy a piece that allows you the maximum storage for your space and looks in proportion with the room. Check out some of our amazing retailers for great quality pieces such as Freedom, Provincial Home Living, James Lane, Oz Design Furniture and many more!


    Will a Capsule Wardrobe Work For Me?

    Wardrobes are often one of the biggest pain points in a home when it comes to organising and decluttering. The most common issue is that we often have too many items, old clothing we no longer wear, impractical pieces that don’t work together or a combination of all of the above! If you haven’t heard of a ‘capsule wardrobe’ it is essentially streamlining your clothing, so it is made up of pieces that are interchangeable and all work well together. It is the art of having a small amount of quality clothing and using it effectively. Not only is this great for the environment and your wallet, but it also allows your wardrobe space to remain clutter-free and organised at all times.

    Use A Rewards System

    With the list you created of all the areas in your home that need some work in one of our earlier tips, it is time to make ticking them off worthwhile! If you are struggling to find inspiration to declutter, then try implementing a rewards system for yourself or your family. For example, if you spend the evening reorganising your linen cupboard, then you can treat yourself with your favourite takeaway on uber eats. Or if the entire family chips in and spends the afternoon going through all their wardrobes, you all get a trip to the movies! Think of fun ways that a ‘not-so-fun’ task can become more rewarding and inspiring to take action!

    Change Your Mindset

    Time and time again we hear people state that they identify as ‘hoarders’ and ‘can never change’. Once you start believing you can have a clutter-free home, your actions will follow. It is possible for anyone to reduce their clutter and have a more organised home, you simply have to change your mindset and believe in yourself!


    Implement The One-In-One-Out Rule

    The ‘One-in-one-out’ rule is a common system used by organisers and de-cluttering pioneers everywhere. It is a super simple system that you put in place to ensure your home does not build up clutter and stays streamlined at all times. Essentially every time you purchase an items for your home, be it furniture, homewares, clothing, shoes etc, you need to donate, sell or get rid of a similar item. Super simple right!?


    Storage Solutions For The Long Term

    Once you have de-cluttered your home or space, you can move on to the fun part – sourcing and shopping for storage solutions that will work with the remaining items you have. This step must always be done last, so you know the exact number of solutions you need and what your home is lacking. We recommend simple hacks such as using clear jars of varying sizes and timber or plastic containers and boxes for your pantry and fridge. We also suggest adding baskets to cupboards to keep like-minded items together and avoid any build up. There are so many stores at Homemaker The Valley that offer great storage solutions such as Howard’s Storage World, Freedom, Provincial Home Living and Adairs. You can also have a scroll through the Homemaker The Valley website for more inspiration on home organisation tips and tricks!


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