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How To Decorate: Modern Coastal Style

The next interior design style we will be focusing on in our ‘How To Decorate’ series is the ‘Modern Coastal Style’. Most of us crave a laid back and stress-free life that is stereotypically associated with the coastal lifestyle, but only few of us are lucky to live by the beach. Through interior design and decorating choices in our homes we can introduce this design aesthetic and emulate the feeling of being on holidays at all times. Your home should be a reflection of your values and a tranquil escape that you can retreat to at the end of a busy day. The coastal design style has always been popular throughout history for its relaxed vibe and fuss-free look, but it’s time to take a dive into how it has evolved and what we are seeing today. Below we have summarised the key colours, furniture pieces, accessories and overall aesthetic for you to achieve the ‘Modern Coastal Style’ in your own home. Don’t forget to head into a number of our retailers at Homemaker The Valley to see this style in person and be inspired today!

Colour Palette

Gone are the days of a typical blue, yellow and white colour scheme that is commonly associated with a coastal interior design style. The colour palette we suggest using for a modern coastal look in your home is a mixture of warm neutrals and soft accent colours. Incorporate tones such as white, beige and soft grey as the predominant setting for the overall colour scheme. Offset these natural tones with a subtle pop of colour through muted blues and greens like sage and duck egg blue. Coastal style homes have a flowy and natural feel, so we recommend using the same tones throughout the entire home to ensure an overall cohesive look. Ensure all elements of your home nod to this colour palette from the flooring to the bathroom tiles to the furniture and accessories.


Key Furniture Pieces

There are specific furniture materials that are synonymous with a modern coastal interior design style. These include furniture predominantly made from cane, wicker, rattan and timber in warm honey tones. Offset these statement furniture textures with soft fabrics in whites and neutral tones for your larger furniture items such as the sofa or bedhead. We love the look of a white linen sofa, cane occasional chairs and a timber coffee table for a living room to create an overall relaxed coastal vibe. Opt for timber when selecting furniture pieces such as the dining table, entertainment unit and buffet in light oak-toned timbers. The modern coastal style is popular throughout a number of different stores at Homemaker The Valley at the current time. We recommend heading into retailers such as Freedom, Oz Design Furniture, James Lane and Early Settler to find a number of key furniture pieces in this style at any budget.

All About The Accessories

The modern coastal design style is all about the accessories! By keeping your furniture natural and the colour palette simple, you can have fun with a variety of accessories. Modern coastal design is an affordable, yet beautiful style as it is truly the home décor accessories, soft furnishings and finishing touches that create and elevate this look. We recommend including decorative pieces such as dried flowers or pampas grass in a variety of textured pots or vases in white and beige shades. Plants are also a great way to create a relaxing, coastal vibe, so we recommend adding some beautiful greenery in terracotta or white pots to a few rooms of the house. To create the ultimate relaxed and ‘un-done’ coastal style we suggest adding plenty of cushions to your sofa in varying ombre tones. Adairs and Freedom are currently stocking some amazing decorative pieces that pair perfectly with this design style, so head in store today to start bringing this look together in your own home.

Using Texture

Texture is a key element of the modern coastal style and can be used throughout the home to create interest and evoke a feeling of calm and tranquillity. As the colour palette for this style of decorating is quite neutral, it is essential to create interest through textures, patterns and different materials. We suggest choosing fabrics for cushions, throw rugs and bed linen in a variety of linen with varying tones of colour. For example, a white quilt cover pairs perfectly with warm terracotta cushions and a soft beige throw rug. When choosing a rug for your living room or dining room we recommend opting for a jute or flatweave style to create a casual and comfortable vibe. Tassels and frayed edges are popular for a costal look, so try incorporating cushions or rugs with a tassel or two! Texture can be seen through furniture as well by using cane, rattan and wooden pieces as mentioned above. Head to some of our amazing retailers to check out their textural furniture and homewares such as Provincial Home Living, Adairs and Oz Design Furniture.

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