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Where To Splurge & Where To Save In Your Home

There are so many components that go into decorating a home that it is hard to know where you should spend the money and where you should save. With budget options and high-end options for almost any aspect of the home, from furniture to bedding to accessories to rugs, it can all become a little overwhelming! That is why we are here to lend a helping hand and share our experience on what items are worth splurging on and where you can save a little bit of cash and go for a more affordable option. Homemaker The Valley prides itself on having a wide variety of retailers that stock quality items at an array of different price points, so let’s get shopping!



Quality Furniture Pieces

Fast furniture has been a craze for the past few years as big box stores bring in new trend pieces every month at prices so low you question how they were even made! We are starting to realise that the cheap, trendy pieces end up needing to be replaced shortly after purchase as the quality and craftmanship is severely lacking. Investing in quality pieces that are built to last years and years is what we look for and pride ourselves on at Homemaker The Valley. Stores such as Provincial Home Living, Oz Design Furniture and James Lane offer amazing pieces that you can have peace of mind knowing you will have for a lifetime. We recommend not skimping on furniture items such as sofas, beds, dining tables and chairs. These items are used every day and as a result need to be built to ensure overall appearance and longevity over time.

Bed Linen

The bed is somewhere we spend hours upon hours sleeping, relaxing, reading and more, so it is essential we invest in quality linen worthy of such an important space. There is nothing better than sliding into bed at the end of a busy day to some luxurious bed sheets and snuggling into a soft doona and fluffy cushions. Head into our retailers such as The Sheridan Outlet and Adairs to touch and feel their gorgeous range of bed linen.


Having a high-quality fragrance that fills your home with a beautiful scent as soon as you open the door makes such a difference. We always recommend spending a little bit extra on candles and diffusers to ensure the scent is beautiful and fills the space on a larger scale. These items don’t have to cost an arm and a leg and the difference it makes in a home is immeasurable. You can pick up a gorgeous diffuser or candle from Adairs, Freedom or The Sheridan Outlet for around $30 to $50.


There is nothing worse than wonky bedside table lamps that are too small or a leaning floor lamp that looks like it might topple over at any second. Lighting is definitely an area of the home that we recommend investing in quality and not skimping. Saving up a little bit longer to afford some amazing pendant lights or some large bedside table lamps that create a beautiful focal point in the room is definitely worth it. Lighting is an area of decorating that you can often tell if someone has spent some time thinking about their purchase and invested in a quality product. We recommend heading to stores such as Early Settler and Freedom to check out their wide range of lighting options.




Cushions are a great place to save some money in the home and not spend hundreds of dollars per item. Cushions have a functional aspect, which means they are being relaxed on daily and as a result you do not want anything too precious or expensive. You often need to buy multiple cushions for a bed or sofa, so a great mid-priced option works best to avoid overspending. You really can’t go past Adairs when looking for quality cushions at a great price tag. The Adairs store at Homemaker The Valley underwent a renovation earlier this year, so if you haven’t popped in and seen the huge cushion wall, you need to do so asap!



Baskets offer so many uses throughout the home and they are an item that you can definitely look for affordability when purchasing. As baskets rarely have other functionalities other than essentially storing items, it means they are not being damaged and worn down quickly. Some great uses for baskets throughout the home are storing blankets in a living room, shoes by the front door, a substitute as a pot for plants and so much more! Check out stores such as TK Maxx, Provincial Home Living, Adairs and Freedom for some amazing basket options at affordable prices.

Decorative Accents

Our favourite thing to switch up in our home and impulse purchase are decorative items! Think vases, trays for your coffee table, bowls to drop your keys into and little decorative objects to display on your open shelving. As all of these items are for display purposes only, they will not wear out and deteriorate over time, so you can rest assured that going for a cheaper option will be fine. Decorative items are usually on sale at retailers such as Freedom, Adairs and TK Maxx, so we recommend always looking at the clearance tables when in store to grab a bargain on your next shopping trip!


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