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Spring Cleaning and Decluttering

We are well and truly into Spring here in Brisbane! The days are getting much warmer, the Jacaranda trees are blooming and the roses in New Farm Park are flourishing! With Springtime comes the desire to freshen up your home, re-organise your space, fly open the windows and let the fresh air fill your abode. After months of spending more time than ever in our homes, there are bound to be some areas that have been neglected, turned into dumping grounds or are in need of a deep clean. Now is the perfect time to tackle these tasks! We’ve outlined below our favourite tips and tricks to have your home feeling fresh, de-cluttered and renewed this Spring!

Declutter Your Most-Used Spaces

Over a short period of time, the areas that we use most in our home inevitably start building up with clutter. Spaces such as your bathroom vanity drawers, the pantry and your kitchen cupboards start overflowing and we often forget what items you have lurking in the back. Now is the perfect time to declutter these spaces and start fresh for the new season ahead. We recommend taking everything out, sorting through what you want to keep, donate and throw away, then clean and organise. Head into Howard’s Storage World at Homemaker The Valley to find some amazing tools and storage solutions to help manage these spaces and maintain organisation. You will find everything from drawer dividers and plastic or glass jars to storage containers, labels and space saving solutions.

Pack Away Seasonal Items

In Australia, particularly Brisbane we don’t have a huge variety of seasonal items as we predominantly have two seasons – ‘ridiculously hot’ and ‘warm days with cool nights’. We could argue the pros and cons of Brisbane weather for hours, but one of the benefits is that we do not have a huge seasonal wardrobe that needs storing in our homes. In saying that there are definitely items that can be packed away for the next few months that will not be needed until May next year. By simply packing away items in storage boxes out of site allows your mind to have more visual clarity and creates a less overwhelming space overall. Pack away homeware items such as thick woolly blankets, winter scented candles, fluffy cushions and any other wintery items you may have on display. In regards to clothing, you can rest assured you won’t be needing items such as light coats, thick cardigans, boots and woolly jumpers until mid-next year.

Have a Spring Clean Day

If you really want to get your house in order and have it feeling like it is sparkling from top to bottom, then we recommend dedicating a day to a spring clean! Book it in the calendar as you would any other commitment and dedicate the day to completing all the cleaning tasks you have been putting off throughout winter. Write yourself a list and a plan of attack, to ensure you do not get distracted or spend too much time on specific tasks. Make sure to include areas that may have been neglected such as fly screens, skirting boards and light switches. We recommend starting with the biggest task first to create a snowball effect and momentum will keep you going throughout the day.

Brighten Up With Accessories

There’s nothing quite like some new bed linen, cushions and accessories to make your home feel fresh and new! There are so many gorgeous colours and new season trends popping up in our retailers at Homemaker The Valley. Head into stores such as Adairs, Freedom and Oz Design Furniture to see their beautiful new season colours including bright corals, soft pinks, sage greens and vibrant mustard yellow. We recommend switching up your bed linen to a fresh new set, updating the cushions on your sofa and switching up a few decorative accessories throughout your home to give it a whole new look!


Springtime Scents

Scents can make a huge difference in your home and there are some amazing options to bring the beautiful springtime scents indoors. Retailers such as The Sheridan Outlet, Provincial home Living and Freedom offer a wide variety of linen sprays, diffusers and candles that will have your home smelling delightful within seconds! Try adding some floral scented hand soaps and room sprays to the kitchen and bathroom to give these areas a refresh as well. Some of our favourite scents that evoke the springtime feel are jasmine, gardenia, orange and cotton. Don’t forget to open your doors and windows to let the spring air fill your home and have it feeling fresh and new for the warmer months ahead!

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