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Quiz: How Good Is Your Interior Design Knowledge?

1. What interior design style was popular during 1920-1940? a) Rococo b) Mid Century Modern c) Art Deco d) Scandinavian


2. What colour is opposite blue on the colour wheel? a) Green b) Orange c) Purple d) Yellow


3. Which TV show originally made the ‘farmhouse’ style popular? a) The Home Edit’s Get Organized b) Flip Or Flop c) Studio McGee’s Dream Home Makeover d) Fixer Upper


4. What are the 7 principles of design? a) Colour, texture, height, balance, light, contrast, depth b) Balance, harmony, rhythm, proportion, scale, emphasis, contrast c) Wow factor, size, depth, contrast, price, feel, emphasis d) Position, proportion, balance, colour, depth, harmony, contrast


5. I’m sophisticated, yet beachy, classic in shape, I have neutral tones with pops of blue or green and work well in a light and bright home. Which design style am I? a) Coastal b) Scandinavian c) Hamptons d) Contemporary


6. What height should artwork ideally be hung at? a) Head height – approximately 1600-1700mm from the floor b) Halfway up the wall, depending on your wall height c) 300mm from the ceiling height d) Eye height, approximately 1400-1500mm from the floor


Answers: Question 1 – C) Art Deco Question 2 – B) Orange Question 3 – D) Fixer Upper Question 4 – B) Balance, harmony, rhythm, proportion, scale, emphasis, contrast Question 5 – C) Hamptons Question 6 – D) Eye height, approximately 1400-1500mm from the floor

5-6 Correct – Interior Design Pro Congratulations! You are officially an expert when it comes to interior design and know all your facts. You not only can tell the difference between a certain design style but love your design history as well!

3-4 Correct – Up And Coming Designer You are one to watch when it comes to interior design knowledge and all things home decorating. You’ve made a great start with learning about the design styles and principles and take pride in your home and decorating.

1-2 Correct – Design Novice You’ve got a little work to do! Just by taking this survey we know you have a keen interest in interior design and home decorating. With a bit more research, we know you’ll be a budding interior designer in no time!

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Come with us to style a cosy corner, the perfect reading nook for those autumn nights 📚

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How to autumn-ify your home 🍂

To reflect the change of seasons, add warmth, cosiness, and seasonal charm to your home with decor from around the centre.
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