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    Pitch perfect rugs to elevate any space

    There are few items that can transform a space as quickly as a new rug. The right rug can lift a living room from bland to beautiful, add warmth to a cosy bedroom and define an outdoor space for entertaining day and night.

    As far as cost-per-use is concerned, the living room is the perfect place to invest in quality floor furnishing. It’s a much-loved and well-used space that can make a real statement. A bold rug is a piece of art, for those who know what they like. DecoRug has a wide range, including the Splendor Grey rug (pictured) that would work well in a modern or industrial style home. The key to working a bold rug is to let it do the talking, and surround it with more neutral pieces and natural materials. Grey sofas, like the 2-seat Allegra from Focus on Furniture, pair nicely with a striking rug.

    When picking a rug, it is important to make sure the size is right for the space it’s in. Too small can look poky and too big can actually make a room look cramped. There are always exceptions to a rule, but a good measure to go by is to make sure the rug can slide under at least the front legs of a sofa in a lounge room. In a bedroom, the rug should be there under your feet when you get out of bed in the morning. In a dining space make sure the chairs fit on the rug as well as the table, otherwise it becomes a tripping hazard. If you have a rug you love that doesn’t quite work in the space it’s for, consider layering it on top of a larger, neutral rug to give the required coverage.

    A jute rug is a natural and inexpensive addition to a bedroom that adds warmth and texture. A bedroom should be a calming place so bold colours aren’t always the best choice. Instead, a jute rug can set a relaxed mood and put you in the right headspace for sleep. Early Settler has a round option that is hand stitched, and James Lane has a larger rectangle piece that is just as on-trend. It’s an effortlessly cool bohemian style that works with a good collection of throw pillows, like those from Domayne (pictured).

    Whether your outdoor space is a compact balcony or an expansive deck, a rug can help to make it one of your favourite places to hang out. Meld together the indoors with outdoors by adding a Scandi-style piece like the Hana Natural Rug or the Hex Occasional Mat from Adairs. An outdoor rug needs to be hard-wearing and versatile. Surround your seating area with lots of greenery at different levels to create an inviting jungle-like space. Hanging plants, plant stands and mounted shelves can help to create this look.

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