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How To Mix & Match Furniture Like A Pro

Here at Homemaker The Valley we have a wide range of retailers that stock an array of different design styles and we can be spoilt for choice with what to purchase. When designing and decorating your home, it can be tricky to mix furniture pieces in a cohesive and balanced way. On one hand you don’t want the space to feel ‘matchy-matchy’ whilst on the other hand you want to avoid a ‘mismatched’ feel. Today we are sharing with you our top tips for creating a layered look and ensuring your home feels balanced, yet interesting.

Choose Complementing Interior Design Styles

We love blending different design styles to create a personalised and curated look. There are a handful of interior design styles that work really well together and some you should steer clear of. Our favourite styles that we know blend well together are coastal and Hamptons as they contain a similar colour palette, whilst having contrasting shapes and textures. Try heading into stores like One World Collection for all your Hamptons needs and Freedom for the perfect range of coastal furniture. Another great option is to pair mid-century style with industrial as they use similarly rich timber tones and contrasting colours. We recommend avoiding completely opposite design styles such as pairing Hamptons with Industrial or Mid-Century with Provincial.


Don’t Be Afraid Of Mixing Timbers

A common mistake we see when decorating is using matching timber for every piece of furniture within a space. We understand it can be tricky to know which timbers work well together and the easy option is to select the matching set, but there are a few simple tips that ensure you nail the mixed timber look. Our biggest tip when mixing timber colours in your home is to ensure they have the same undertone. This undertone is easy to spot as most timbers either have a yellow, grey, orange, or red undertone. If you stick to the same timber tone throughout your furniture pieces will blend well together and complement each other perfectly. The other key aspect is to ensure you have either half or one third in one timber tone, with the remaining in another timber tone. This ensures that you don’t have any pieces that look like the odd one out. Try selecting your larger furniture pieces in walnut, for example and pairing them with smaller items such as a floor lamp, frames of artwork and side tables in an oak.

Pick Your Statement Pieces

When decorating any room in your home it is important to choose a few statement pieces throughout and pair back on the remainder. When there are too many statement pieces in one room the space can feel overpowering, and the wow factors often gets lost as they try to compete with each other. For example, if you have a large, colourful artwork we recommend keeping the patterns and textures of the remaining items in the room simple. Or if you have chosen a statement bedhead, then opt for subtle tones in your bedlinen and cushions. If you are after a statement piece for your living room or bedroom, then head to stores like Early Settler or Oz Design Furniture.


Ensure There Is Balance

Much like our tips on mixing timbers, it is important to have a balance of similar style furniture when mixing and matching. For example, a space feels more cohesive when there is for example a floor lamp, coffee table and side table in an industrial style and the remaining pieces in a contemporary style. Ensure you don’t have one single piece in a differing style as it will be obvious and look out of place in the room. Freedom does a great job of showcasing different interior design styles within their store. Don’t be afraid to ask the friendly staff for assistance with pairing one furniture piece with another to ensure they work perfectly together.

Colour Palette Cohesion

When mixing a few different furniture styles, it can be calmer and create a more unified look to keep the colour palette quite simple. This allows the shapes and textures of the furniture pieces to be the focal point and allows the eyes to rest and appreciate the styles. Spaces can appear crowded and over stimulating if the furniture shapes are mixed and there are too many colours introduced in one space. Try keeping your furniture neutral and adding subtle pops of colour through cushions, vases and artwork.

If you would like some more assistance with blending furniture styles within your home, then book in for your free styling session with our resident stylist. Eliza can share advice on what would work with your existing pieces and how to create more cohesion within the home.

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