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How to create the perfect home office

2020 has resulted in many people working from home or creating a home office space they never had before. If you are struggling to feel motivated in your home office or feel like it is lacking in organisation and functionality, then we have the perfect blogpost for you. There are many aspects that go into creating the perfect home office such as storage, furniture, inspirational décor and a functional system. Today we are sharing all our top tips for creating the perfect home office that you enjoy settling into each day.


Storage Is Key

Storage is a key concern for most people throughout the entire house, but even more so in the home office. The home office is a space where clutter can build up very quickly through paperwork, stationery supplies, books and day to day items. It is essential to choose furniture items and storage solutions that amplify your space and allow everything to be neatly tucked away and organised. We recommend heading into Howard’s Storage World to see all the innovative storage solutions they have on offer. A filing cabinet or chest of drawers with drawer dividers is perfect for storing paperwork and office supplies. Drawer dividers are essential for a home office as they ensure small stationery items stay in place and avoid drawers becoming one big mess. You can also try stacking a few decorative A4 boxes on shelves or the top of the desk to store important files that cannot be scanned into the computer. Use wicker baskets to house unsightly items such as spare chargers, power adapters and hard drives. That way the space still looks styled and neat, whilst also being functional and organised.

Inspiring Décor

A key design aspect that is often overlooked in a home office is adding inspiring décor. The home office is often a space you spend prolonged periods of time in, so it is essential you have items in there that make you feel inspired and motivated. Try hanging artwork on the walls that reflect your personal style and the style of the home. We recommend going for bright, bold, abstract prints if you’d like to feel inspired and motivated or more muted, line drawing prints if you’d prefer a calm and tranquil space. Be sure to add inspiring coffee table books to shelves and bookcases that you can pick up every time you need a break or a jolt of inspiration. We love the inspiring range of interiors, home and lifestyle related books from Provincial Home Living. The home office should include personal touches to avoid it becoming too ‘business-like’ and sterile. We recommend adding framed photos of loved ones, decorative vases with fresh flowers and your favourite scented candle. Don’t forget to breathe life into the room by adding a few plants such as a fiddle leaf fig or a hanging,


Functional and Stylish Furniture

When choosing furniture for your home office it needs to tick two boxes – Functional and Stylish. There are plenty of ergonomic options available that mean you don’t have to skimp on style to have a functioning office set up. Check out Freedom’s range of gorgeous, coloured office chairs in a range of fabrics and ‘design-it-yourself’ desk options! It is always essential to opt for desks that have storage included such as drawers or cupboards to avoid any build-up of clutter on top of the desk. Choose a bookcase or shelving unit that has simple, clean lines and allows you to keep office essentials tucked away and organised. If you have an open bookshelf, we recommend adding a few storage baskets or boxes to avoid the shelves looking cluttered and overcrowded. Alternatively opting for a bookcase that has cupboards for storing items and open shelving to display inspiring décor provides you the best of both worlds!

A System

Having a clear system in your home office will ensure it stays neat, tidy and organised. The most important system to avoid paper build up is scanning all documents onto your computer or hard drive, only keeping essential items in hard copy. Another great system is ensuring you tidy up your desk and have a place for everything at the end of the day. The best way to start the day is having a clean and tidy desk, so make sure your stationery, laptop and books have a specific place to be stored at the end of each day. To maintain a functional and organised office we recommend doing a tidy up and sort out every few months to ensure no clutter, documents or unnecessary items build up.

All our stores at Homemaker The Valley offer stylish and functional furniture items in a range of different design styles and price points. We suggest popping into your favourite stores and having a browse at what could work in your home office space. Think about the above points we have made from décor to storage to furniture and you will have the perfect home office in no time at all!



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