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    Decorating A Queenslander Home

    The Queenslander home is synonymous with the Brisbane lifestyle. It is a goal of many Queenslanders to be able to purchase one of these beautiful, traditional homes and renovate them back to their former glory. The history of the Queenslander style home was purely designed to cater to the hot climate we have her in the sunshine state. With their wide verandas to shelter from an afternoon storm and their long hallways and French doors to allow for air flow, they were an architectural masterpiece. The Queenslander style of home was built predominately between the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century and is still a popular style in new builds today. Below we discuss how best to decorate a Queenslander home and tips and tricks to utilise their stunning design and create a space that pays homage to their history.


    Colour Palette:

    Overtime the colour palette for traditional Queenslander style homes has varied throughout the years. In the past we have seen colours such as heritage green, deep burgundy and royal blue paired with beiges and browns. This creates a ‘country’ look and can be modernised for today’s trends by using pops of the above-mentioned bright colours, whilst keeping the base of most larger items neutral. In recent years we have seen the rise of the beautiful white, grey, charcoal and blue Queenslanders that are influenced by a more ‘Hamptons’ style. This colour palette and style blends well with the Queenslander home as it compliments a coastal and tropical lifestyle whilst also making the homes feel light and bright. We recommend painting the interior of your home an off white or lights grey and highlighting the traditional cornices and decorative moulding in a bright white.

    Utilise Height:

    The Queenslander home is famous for its high ceilings and VJ panelling, which immediately draws the eye upwards upon entering. Utilise the height of the space by using styling tricks and lighting to accentuate these features. We love using floating shelves in areas such as the kitchen, bedroom or living rooms to add interest to walls and an extra space to display your favourite items. Bring personality into a space by styling the shelves with a stack of books, a trailing plant or a beautiful arrangement of decorative pots and vases. Gallery walls are an amazing feature to add to the long hallways of Queenslander homes as you can create a beautiful story and display your favourite artworks and photos in a creative way. We love the frames on offer at Freedom and Provincial Home Living. Another way to draw the eye upwards is to add in feature lighting in the form of hanging pendants or wall sconces. Add a beautiful pendant light above a dining table or line the hallway with a few gorgeous wall sconces to elevate the style and look of the home.

    Create An Outdoor Oasis:

    A main feature of the Queenslander Home is the sprawling verandas and large outdoor spaces. It is essential to make use of these gorgeous spaces by creating zones, furnishing and decorating them for a variety of uses. We recommend adding a large dining table and chairs for outdoor entertaining that will allow you to eat alfresco during the summer months and invite friends and family over for long lunches and dinners. We love the dining sets from Remarkable Furniture and Early Settler – they’ve got combinations to suit every design style! A veranda is not complete without a bistro table and chairs for morning coffee and newspaper relaxing and or evening glass of wine. Lastly, finish with some beautiful outdoor plants in beautiful pots and baskets to create the ultimate outdoor oasis!


    Use Rugs & Soft Furnishings:

    Queenslander Homes predominantly have timber floors, high ceilings, long hallways and open living areas. As they were built to withstand the gruelling, hot Queensland Summers there are a few tricks to make sure they do not feel cold and unwelcoming in the cooler months of Winter. We recommend adding rugs to rooms such as the living, dining and bedroom to ground the spaces and add warmth and texture. Choose neutral colours that complement the timber flooring such as light grey, cream or an oatmeal shade. Deco Rug, Carpet Call and James Lane have some beautiful rugs in a variety of sizes, textures and colours to suit any space. Add plenty of cushions and throw rugs to sofas and beds to create a cosy vibe and add pops of colour and texture. Be sure to check out Adairs in Homemaker South as their range of options is on another level!

    Mix The Old With New

    To create a beautifully styled home that balances the traditional with the modern, it is important to incorporate both aspects to create an overall cohesive home. Accentuate the traditional features of the Queenslander home and pay homage to its history by selecting larger furniture items in a more classic and traditional style. Stores such as One World and Provincial Home Living offer a great variety of pieces such as sofas, dining tables, occasional chairs and display cabinets in more classic styles. To create a balance of old and new add decorative home decor pieces, rugs, soft furnishings and light fixtures in a more modern style. Stores such as Freedom and Adairs have an extensive range of decorative pieces that pair well with more traditional style furniture items. Ensure you stick to a cohesive colour palette throughout, and you will have a balanced and beautifully styled Queenslander in no time!



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