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How to Style a Queenslander Home

The Queenslander house is synonymous with our sunny state’s leisurely lifestyle. The Queenslander was designed to cater to our particularly humid climate, with wide verandas to provide shelter from an afternoon storm and long hallways with French doors to provide ample air flow. Built predominately in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, the Queenslander is still a popular style for new homes today.

If you’re lucky enough to be living in an iconic Queenslander home, you may be wondering how to style these architectural marvels. A traditional Queenslander house interior is quite minimal, but a modern Queenslander house deserves its own unique look that aligns with the aesthetic taste of its owner (or renter!). So, how do you style a Queenslander, whilst also showcasing the home’s beautiful details and history? To help you out, we’ve put together a quick guide, so you know how to find a lovely balance between modern and traditional style in a Queenslander house.

Play with colour

The colour palette for traditional Queenslander style homes has varied throughout the years, but in modern Queenslander homes, you’ll always tend to find walls in a soft off-white shade. When you start styling your Queenslander, think of these walls as a blank canvas. Having light off-white walls provides you with ample freedom to play with your favourite colour palette through your furniture, wall art, and treasured home décor pieces. Heritage greens, deep burgundies and, royal blues paired with beiges and browns are a great colour combination for anyone looking to create a more country-style home, while burnt oranges, olive greens, and mustard yellows paired with dark browns and sleek gold tones are a solid selection for anyone who loves a mid-century modern look.

queenslander house

queenslander house


Get vertical

The Queenslander house is famous for its high ceilings and VJ panelling, which immediately draws the eye upwards when you walk through the front door. Utilise the height of the space by using styling tricks and lighting to accentuate these fantastic features. We love using floating shelves in the kitchen, bedroom or living rooms to add interest to walls, as well as an extra space to display your treasured trinkets. Bring personality into a space by styling the shelves with your favourite books, a trailing plant or a beautiful arrangement of decorative pots and vases. Gallery walls are an amazing feature to add to the long hallways of a Queenslander home, as you can display your gorgeous artworks and photos in a more creative way. We love the frames on offer at Frame Today because they not only come in different shapes and sizes to inject depth into your gallery wall, but they also have a wide variety of textures and colours.

Embrace the outdoors

A main feature of a Queenslander house is its sprawling veranda and large surrounding outdoor space. You should always make use of these gorgeous areas by creating chill-out zones and furnishing them for a variety of uses. Add a large outdoor dining table and accompanying chairs to the veranda that’ll allow you to eat alfresco during the summer months and invite friends and family over for long lunches. We love the dining sets from Freedom and Early Settler – they’ve got great combinations to suit every design style from country cottage to mid-century modern.

Rug up

Traditional Queenslanders predominantly have timber floors, high ceilings, long hallways, and open living areas. As they were built to withstand the gruelling, hot Queensland summers, they can feel a lot colder when winter rolls around. So, to ensure your home feels comfortable and inviting all year long, we recommend adding rugs to the living, dining and bedrooms, to ground the space and add a bit of extra warmth and texture to your Queenslander. You can opt for neutral colours that complement the timber flooring such as light grey, cream or oatmeal or go for a more eclectic look with a bold colour or pattern piece. DecoRug, Carpet Call and James Lane have some beautiful rugs in a variety of sizes, textures and colours to suit any space.

As you can see, it’s easy to create a beautifully styled Queenslander house that balances the traditional details of the home with a more modern aesthetic. When you’re looking to start styling your Queenslander, be sure to pop into Homemaker the Valley to get everything you need to create the chic Queenslander of your dreams.

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