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Creating The Perfect Dining Tablescape

Creating the perfect dining tablescape is a fine art and there are a few key elements that go into creating a beautiful and memorable design. From different themes that are trending, ideas to set the mood and which retailers to head to for the best finds, we’ve got you covered! We’ve also added a step-by-step guide for how to lay your dining table to ensure you have everything ticked off. We’d love to know what dinner party you are planning, what theme you are thinking of and how Homemaker The Valley has helped in the comments below!


Types Of Styles

Creating the perfect tablescape starts with nailing the perfect theme. We recommend having a browse through our retailers here at Homemaker The Valley or jumping on to Pinterest to get inspired! There are a few keys styles currently trending to create the most beautiful and enchanting dining table themes that will have your family, friends and guests blown away. We love the natural and neutral tablescape theme including elements such as dried flowers, linen napkins and woven placemats. Stick to a colour palette of white, beige, oatmeal and linen tones and create interest through texture. We also love a classic tropical theme using a variety of bright colours such as blues, greens, and oranges to give an ‘Amalfi Coast’ vibe. Think about using glossy green foliage and bowls of lemons or oranges to create a fun and bright atmosphere. The last tablescape style we are gravitating towards is the ever-popular ‘minimalist’ theme. This table is super simple to create as the beauty is in the simplicity. Set the table using classic white dinnerware, clear glasses and embellish with a few simple candlesticks and some natural linen napkins.

Setting The Mood

When hosting a dinner party, we believe the mood is the most important thing following the food and drink! Setting the mood is easy with a few simple steps that will have your guests relaxed and at ease as soon as they step through your door. Always start with a playlist of soft music that creates an ambience and sets the mood for the night – we love jazz or acoustic guitar for a dinner party!  Next, add a few candles to your tablescape such as long, thin candlesticks on beautiful holders or pillar candles in glass hurricane jars. Ensure the candles on your table are scent free to avoid overpowering the food. No tablescape is complete without some greenery or foliage, so ensure you have some greenery lining the centre of the table or a few vases with small bunches of flowers. If you are lucky enough to have dimmer switches in your dining room, try dimming the lights to create a more relaxed mood that encourages guests to unwind.

Which Retailers Can Help

Here at Homemaker The Valley we have an array of amazing retailers that stock beautiful pieces to make your next dinner party one to remember. Kitchen Warehouse has a huge range of dinner sets, glassware, cutlery, and napery to ensure you have every item to set your dining table with. They also have a great range of platters, serving ware and wooden cheese boards to present your delicious food on. Provincial Home Living and Freedom have some beautiful items to elevate your tablescapes such as table runners, napkins, candle holders, placemats and more! Head in to browse all our beautiful retailers to gather inspiration and pick up a few items to decorate your table with today!

A Step By Step Guide

Step 1 – Place or lay any decorations you are adding to the centre of the table down the middle. These can include items such as candles, vases, flowers or foliage.

Step 2 – Lay out the placemats for your guests and evenly space them with enough breathing room on each side.

Step 3 – Place the dinner plate in the centre of the placemat, followed by the side plate in centre of dinner plate and lastly the bowl in centre of side plate.

Step 4 – Add any decorative item to the centre of your dinner set such as a name tag, a sprig of rosemary or a beautifully folded napkin.

Step 5 – Place the fork to the left of the plate, followed by the knife closest to the right of the plate and spoon on the outside of the knife. Hint: All cutlery should be level with the bottom of the plate

Step 6 – Place the water glass at 1pm (top right) followed by the wine glass off to the right of the water glass.

Now that you have your theme and style down pat, your mood set and the formula for setting the table sorted, you can get shopping and planning your menu! We look forward to seeing you at Homemaker The Valley soon!

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