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Creating a comfortable and cozy living space

Styling your home can sometimes be a tedious job, but someone has to tackle it. The living room is undeniably a vital component of your home styling. It’s the sanctuary for lounging around, enjoying me-time and sharing happy memories with friends. It should create a warm and welcoming embrace and reflect the décor style you’re trying to emulate throughout your entire home. To achieve a stylish and welcoming atmosphere in your living room, here are some different styles to adapt to your space.

If you’re looking for a bit of detox in your home, a natural theme for your living room is a perfect fix. Earthly shades of greens and browns is a solid foundation to begin your design. The mint green Mercer + Reid Mandarin chair from Adairs would inject a natural-looking style from your living space. Don’t be afraid to add a splash of navy to contrast with your greens and browns.

To complement this space as inspired by the outdoors, make sure to utilise houseplants to their full potential. Decorating your coffee table or bookcase with these lovely natural accents. For a plant that brings a perfect blend of wild and homely, Adairs have a lovely Home Republic Pothos on offer. For Houseplants that bring more to the room then just cute decoration, why not opt for living plants instead of plastic. Plants like mother-in-law’s tongue, peace lilies and ferns will grow well in even dark rooms.

To achieve a warm, classical look, experiment with a vintage style for your living room. To hark back to the days of elegance and antique screen doors; embrace welcoming tones of navy, granite, and beige for your furniture and accessories in the living room. Switch houseplants for vintage screen doors and antique-styled wall clocks. Try the charming black lined Frame Clock from Oz Design Furniture to create a slick vintage character. To tie in your vintage pieces, add an elegant gold Bella Screen from Oz Design Furniture.

Lighting can either make or break the mood of your room, too bright and the room is harsh and uninviting, and too low limits the functionality of the space. Hanging lights are a splendid option for creating a cozy feel. To further enhance a welcoming space, it’s best to reduce clutter and only choose a few accent pieces that catch your eye.

Experimentation is key when constructing a welcoming atmosphere that matches your desires for the space. To invoke a charming and cozy mood for your living room, try a romantic theme. When choosing a colour scheme, it’s best to select a couple of darker shades and pair them with neutral and light tones For a romantic look, you can from choose a myriad of pastel pinks, purples or greens, then pair them with some darker shades of grey or gold. The Home Republic Loft Table lamp from Adairs comes in beautiful pastel pink and would contrast perfectly with a dark blue Bushland cushion from Oz Design Furniture. Floral arrangements are always a must to complete a welcoming, romantic theme; they add a spot of nature and a sense of calm to the atmosphere of the room.

The design of your living room not only affects functionality, but it can also have an influence on the mood of your guests. Creating a welcoming environment for your living room is one of the key aspects of maintaining a happy household. With a plethora of options to suit your décor style, the sky is the limit when it comes to your living space.

For decorating inspiration find us at Homemaker the Valley, corner of Ann & Wickham Streets, Fortitude Valley.

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