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A Quick Guide To Choosing Artwork In Your Home

Artwork in the home allows you to create wow factor, add colour and texture and inspire talking points amongst your spaces. We love using artwork throughout the entire home such as the bedrooms, living areas, entryways, hallway, bathrooms, and kitchen. Artwork can often be the finishing touch to a room and allows spaces to feel complete and styled to perfection. It can also be a great starting point when designing a space as you can draw inspiration from the colours, forms and textures found in your art pieces. Here at Homemaker The Valley we have an array of amazing retailers that offer beautiful artworks that will elevate any space in your home. Today we will be talking you through our favourite types of artworks and where to place them in the different rooms and spaces in your home.

Artwork In The Living & Dining Rooms

The living and dining rooms are some of our favourite places to go bold with artwork and make a statement. As these areas are often the largest rooms of the house, they allow you to go larger in terms of size and impact. A common mistake in the living and dining room can be choosing artwork that is too small and therefore gets lost in the space. We love hanging a beautiful, framed canvas artwork above the sofa on the main wall of the living room to lift the eye gaze up. A rule of thumb is to hang artwork with the bottom of the frame sitting approximately 20-25cm above the top of the sofa. Large landscape pieces work well here, or 2 medium size portrait artworks. For the dining room, we love selecting 2 or 3 medium size square or portrait artworks and evenly spacing them on one large wall. If you have a buffet or storage cabinet in the dining room, make sure to place a beautiful artwork or 2 above this.

Artwork In The Kitchen & Bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are great spaces to have fun with artwork and choose something quirky and interesting to bring life to the space. Wall space in the kitchen and bathroom can be quite minimal, so it is best to opt for small art pieces that fill a gap or blank wall. We love hanging a fun artwork above the WC in an A4 or A3 sizAdairs have some gorgeous, framed canvas artworks in store at the moment that are perfect for bringing life and colour into your kitchen.


Artwork In The Bedrooms

When designing a bedroom, where possible we always recommend placing your bed on a wall that does not have any windows or other fixtures. This allows you to have a blank canvas to hang some gorgeous artwork above the bed and create a focal point for the room. According to Feng Shui, grouping items in sets of two in the bedroom is considered to provide good energy and good luck. As such, we love placing two portrait artworks above the bed that complement each other nicely. To encourage a calming space, we recommend choosing artwork in soft and muted tones to promote a sense of relaxation and tranquillity. Next time you are at Homemaker The Valley, head into Oz Design Furniture, James Lane and Freedom to view their beautiful range of artworks that are perfect for the bedroom.


Artwork In The Common Areas

We love using artwork throughout the home and creating interest and flow throughout each space. Hallways and stairwells can often be a forgotten area of the home when it comes to decorating, but we believe they are the perfect spaces for beautiful artwork or framed family photos. We love creating beautiful family gallery walls with matching frames in either a black or oak timber and printing photos in sepia or black and white for a seamless effect. For a gallery feel, it is essential to have a border of what space between the photo and the frame to create a sophisticated look. Head into target=”_blank”>Howard’s Storage World
Frame Today
and chat to our friendly staff about creating the perfect gallery wall in your home. Stairwells can be a great place to create wow factor and use artwork to bring colour and vibrancy to a space. As you rarely have to take into consideration many furniture or homewares items in a stairwell, you can choose a bright colour or texture that becomes the main focal point of the space.

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