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10 Essential Items For A Cosy Living Room

The living room is one of the most well-used and in demand spaces in the home. We spend time congregating as a family, enjoying bonding time with partners, playing games with children and watching our favourite movies. As such, it is a space that needs to feel cosy, warm, welcoming and inviting. As the months are getting cooler here in Brisbane, we are finding ourselves gravitating towards the living room and spending quality amounts of time in there with our loved ones. Below we are sharing our essential items to make your living room feel cosy and welcoming and give you an insight on where you can pick these up at Homemaker The Valley!

1. Comfortable Seating Options

As the living room is used by all members of the household and is a multifunctional space, a variety of comfortable seating options are essential. Starting with the sofa, this piece must be comfortable for lounging on over long periods of time and be large enough for a few family members. We recommend going for a fabric instead of a leather to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. Pair your comfortable sofa with one or two occasional chairs to allow for more seating options. Ensure your occasional chairs have high backs and deep seats to allow for reclining and ultimate relaxation. Some great retailers to check out at Homemaker The Valley for sofas and occasional chairs are Plush, Nick Scali, James Lane and Freedom to name a few.

2. Throw Rugs

Throw rugs and blankets are a key element for creating a cosy vibe in your living room. Having an assortment of soft blankets draped over the sofa or in a basket within easy reach not only creates a decorative accent, but allows you to snuggle up throughout the cooler months. We love Adairs new range of throw rugs and blankets in gorgeous Autumnal hues of pink, mustard, green and burnt orange.

3. Scent

The scent of a room completely transforms a space and allows you to have fun with creating a variety of moods. For a cosy living room vibe, we recommend going for scents that invoke a warm and fuzzy feeling such as freshly baked cookies, vanilla caramel or cashmere and linen. For a more sophisticated, yet cosy atmosphere we recommend using scents with notes of amber, sage and sandalwood. Scent can be used not only through burning candles, but room sprays and diffusers too! Pick one up from stores such as Freedom, Adairs or Provincial Homes Living.

4. Baskets

Baskets are an essential storage solution for most rooms of the home, in particular the living room. You can pick up a range of different sized baskets from most of our retailers in an assortment of textures, colours and finishes. Baskets can be used to store items such as blankets, cushions, magazines, books or games.

5. Coffee Or Side Table

A coffee or side table is a non-negotiable when designing a living room. Where else are you going to place your warm cup of coffee, chai latte or hot chocolate? If your living room is on the smaller size, we recommend forgoing the coffee table and using side tables to allow for storage and convenience. Many of our retailers have some amazing coffee table and side table options in great quality timbers and stone finishes such as Provincial Home Living, Early Settler and Oz Design Furniture.

6. Books

In our opinion, there is nothing better than curling up on a comfy sofa, snuggled under a blanket, a hot drink in hand and a good book. To create a cosy living room ensure you have some great reading material on hand that you can flick through when you are in need of some inspiration or to be transported to another place or time. Books not only allow for entertainment but make beautiful home décor pieces and create talking points when entertaining guests.

7. A Tray Of Essentials

When relaxing and winding down in a living room it is essential to have everything within easy reach. We recommend adding a tray to your coffee table with everyday items that you gravitate towards such as candles, matches, coasters, books and anything else you need to create a cosy space.


8. A Large Rug

Rugs are a key design piece in a living room as they not only define the space but bring it together cohesively. When selecting a rug, it is important to choose a size that is large enough to go under most furniture pieces such as your sofa, occasional chairs and coffee table. To create a warm and cosy vibe we recommend opting for textures in a soft wool or woven fabric that feel comfortable underfoot. Homemaker The Valley has some great retailers that offer rugs in a huge range of sizes, fabrics and colours. Some of our favourites are Deco Rug, The Rug Establishment and Carpet Call.

9. Comfy Cushions

When selecting cushions for your living room ensure you choose designs that are simple and free of embellishments. Opt for large, comfortable cushions in fabrics such as linen, cotton and faux fur. Cushions are a great way to add a pop of colour to the space and allow you to switch up a scheme with the changing of the seasons. Alternatively, we love the look of a variety of neutral tones in varying textures to create a simple and calming feel. Head into Adairs, Freedom or Provincial home Living for a beautiful range of cushions in a number of different fabrics, patterns and colours!

10. Lighting Options

As we mentioned above, the living room is a zone in the house that is multipurpose and used for a variety of activities. As such, it is essential to have a few options when it comes to lighting. We recommend using dimmers for your overhead lighting to allow for an easy mood-change. Table lamps and floor lamps are important for a living room for task lighting when reading a book or magazine. Some of our amazing retailers offering beautiful lighting options are Freedom, Oz Design Furniture and Provincial Home Living – head in store today!


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